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Default Advice re. lenses for a Samsung NX210

I'm new to interchangeable lenses and currently have a Samsung NX210.
There are currently no telephoto lenses >200mm for this camera. Do I have the option of buying an adapter and using say a Canon or Nikon lens
for this camera? Also, what are the pros/cons of doing this (especially
regarding optical image stabilization, auto focus etc.)

Thanks in advance!
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Try this thread in the Samsung NX forum a bit lower on the page:http://forums.steves-digicams.com/sa...nx-lenses.html
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That didn't seem to help much. My questions are:

1. Will image stabilization work with a non-Samsung lens?
2. Will AF work (I am assuming this is a no but just to confirm)
3. Are there any other disadvantages to using a non Samsung lens
4. What would be the most cost effective way of doing this...ie
what adapters and say 300mm lenses are reasonably priced?

Thanks again
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Based on my use of a micro 4/3, there will be no IS if not in the body.
You will not have auto stop-down when using a manual focus and aperture lens.
You will use manual focus only and have access to Aperture and Manual modes only.
Check Fotodiox, Rainbow Imaging or Amazon to see what adapters are available to know what lenses you can easily adapt. Then you can search KEH for lenses. If you are new to this and unfamiliar with using the slr lenses, I'd suggest you just get one of the cheap $10 to $25 80-200 zoom lenses to see if you really want or can do this.
It's not that hard to get used to the 28mm and 50mm primes with no IS or AF, but those long zooms are really big and heavy. If you don't have a viewfinder, they can be hard to handle without a tripod.
Just turn off the IS in the lens you have now and switch to manual focus in A or M mode and get an idea of what it will be like. You can activate the digital zoom to mimic the focal length.
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Generally, one can use a Raw developer to produce a final product with minimal noise and better detail than the in-camera jpeg processing. It takes a bit of experimenting with settings, though.
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