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Default Agfa 1280 - downloading problem: Help please!

I have owned an Agfa 1280 for a few years, but it seems to have developed a problem when I try to download pictures to my computer. What happens is that when I click on "View pictures in camera", I get a little "creek, creek, creek" sound (almost like the chirp of a cricket - and then nothing happens. I thought at first that my batteries might need charging, but after charging them, the problem was still there - and there did not seem to be any battery problem, because I could still take pictures with the camera - but I could not download them!
Can anyone help?
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Can you hook up a SmartMedia USB reader to your computer or are you stuck with the serial port?
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Originally Posted by NHL
Can you hook up a SmartMedia USB reader to your computer or are you stuck with the serial port?
What is a SmartMedia USB reader and how would I know if I can hook one up to my computer? Do you think my problem has something to do with the fact that the cable from my camera is plugged into the serial port? (Why has it developed suddenly after a few years of no problems?) Could it not be a battery problem? - Except that I can still TAKE pictures but not download them!
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Sure, it could be your batteries (or your serial cable, or a component failure in your camera). It could be any number of things.

As far as a Card Reader, these are very inexpensive. Most newer PC's (built within the past few years) already have USB ports (much faster than serial ports). Most are USB 1.1 (12 million bits/second). The newer USB 2.0 standard is about 40 times as fast (480 million bits per second).

Many new devices use USB (printers, scanners, external hard disk drives, digital cameras, etc.).

If you don't have USB ports, I'd suggest going to the newer USB 2.0 standard. You can purchase a USB 2.0 Card for most PC's for around $25.00 now (giving it USB 2.0 ports, if your current PC does not have them already).

Steve has some reviews of Card Readers here:


Even the older model readers, will give DRAMATICALLY faster transfer times than you are getting via a Serial Port.

This also saves battery life in your camera (since the USB readers are powered by the PC, and the card is inserted in them, versus keeping the camera on for transferring of images).

I would strongly suggest buying one of the multi-card readers if you go this route, since SmartMedia is a "dead end" memory type (only available in sizes up to 128mb, so new camera models aren't going to use this memory type anymore).

By purchasing a multi-card reader, if you upgrade to a newer camera later, you'll already have a reader that can use newer Memory Card Types.

Cheap Solution:

Delkin SmartMedia Reader for less than $20.00


MUCH better solution -- a Lexar 6 in 1 Card Reader (able to read 6 different types of media, at faster USB 2.0 speeds). This one is under $30.00 now discounted from some online vendors:


USB 2.0 I/O Card (to give your PC USB ports, if it doesn't already have them). It plugs into a PCI card slot in your PC. This one is under $20.00 discounted:


Make sure to check operating system requirements for these products. Older versions of Windows (for example Win '95) do not support USB. Newer versions (Windows ME or higher) are usually recommended. Although, I'm using older model USB card readers on Win '98 PC's without problems.
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