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Default Another new guy looking for advice.

I am yet another new guy, looking for help/advice on my first digicam :?: . A question: megapixels vs. zoom? By reading posts, it seems that if you have a high enough pixel count, you can crop and optimize images (which is probably needed anyway) enough to compensate for a lower zoom. Is there any truth to my interpretation of this? I guess the best scenario would be the optimum balance of both, but this is Earth, does perfect exist? Anyway, My needs are pretty basic: pictures of the family, vacations and landscapes. We take a lot of indoor photos, so a good flash would be nice. I stopped by Wolf Camera for a chat and they have an Optio that looks good. It's 5MP with 5X zoom. Their price is $549 minus a $50 rebate. The Coolpix 4300 looked OK too at 4.0 MP, 3X zoom, $399. It seems to have more battery options. Since they don't carry Oly I was not able to get opinions on those models but a few sure seem to have a high zoom option. Any opinions on the C750? Just saw this one advertised at 4.0, 10X and built-in hot-shoe. Any help or advice would be greatly appeciated. Thanks much.
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From what you wrote, I guess you will be having a little bit more time snooping around for the best deal. For starters, it really depends on your budget, then comes down to what the cam is going to be used for.

For example, I used to have a budget of around $300, and from reviews everywhere, I fancied getting a Canon PowerShot A70, a 3MP cam. I was more into Graphic/Web design so the higher the megapixel the camera had, it would be used for cropping smaller bits of the original image.

Then came the Casio QV-R40, a 4MP cam, with a very fast startup time of 1 sec. and also a very fast shutter lag compared to the Canon. To top it, Casio's price was the same as the PowerShot A70! Although the main drawback was that the Casio didn't have any manual controls, or even a bit, of what Canon had.

I had also been toying with the idea of adding a bit more to get the Olympus C-740UZ, although I wouldn't be left with enough money to purchase some memory cards, and xD cards aren't really cheap!

But, in the end of it all, I was lucky to find a dealer who let me purchase the C-740UZ for just $10 more than a Canon A70! I found the Olympus much more responsive than the Canon, although not on a par with the Casio. Still, with the manual controls, the 10x Optical Zoom, and the community of C-7xx users, I think I definitely made the right choice!

:lol: :lol: :lol:
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I have to be candid though for indoor shots the Oly C-7x0 might not be your best choice (especially in lower light conditions). As the Olys don't have a focus assist beam, they have trouble focusing in low light (I've been yelling at Olympus for years to install one). You can always use manual focus, but it is inconvient. There are some other ultra zoom cameras with focus assist...I hate to steer people away from what I think is a great camera but if you take a lot of indoor shots and you aren't willing to spend a few hundred more for the Olympus FL-40 flash which adds focus assist to the camera you might not like the Oly. There's a much cheaper option of the Promaster digital flash which also adds focus assist but you still have to shell out a few bob for it.
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I agree with Mike about the C7XX series and their low light problems. I always think of low light conditions when you are in conditions where there is little or no lighting. Normal room lighting should not be consider low light conditions.
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