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Default Another one confused about jpeg vs tiff / thanks for help

I am an amateur and have been using Nikon N60 in past. Made jump to digital due to a new baby in the family. I currently have a coolpix 5700 (5mp). I would like to get as close to 35mm print quality as possible. I have been getting prints made at Ritz with their ?Frontier machine that prints onto Fuji archival photographic paper (same as for 35mm).

First question (more to follow):

1) For 35mm quality prints (no larger than 5x7), is there a significant advantage to using Tiff vs jpeg. Would an amateur notice higher quality with the tiff images from the camera? (it obviously takes more memory, but in my slow camera, it also takes about 20 sec per tiff using a lexar 24x card) (please note I don't alter my pictures in photoshop or any other program, at this time)
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With the high resolution of your camera and enlarging to no more than 5 x 7, I should think you'd do just fine with high-quality JPEG's, particularly since you aren't doing any editing of the pictures.
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Default Re: Another one confused about jpeg vs tiff / thanks for he

Originally Posted by CNSCNS
I currently have a coolpix 5700 (5mp). I would like to get as close to 35mm print quality as possible.
Printing out 5x7's are going to be no different at 2MP or 5MP.
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I also have the 5700 and shoot at the fine setting, which is the hight JPEG resolution. I print my own pictures so I can not recommend a photo outlet. I would not use TIFF unless you need to do alot of cropping or printing really large prints.
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Just a guess here, but the only difference I can think of/reason out would be the initial jpg artifacts put into the picture.

There will be some, but not tons. The real problem with jpg comes when you edit a jpg, save it, quit the editor, reload the editor (the next day, for example) edit some more, save the jpg... wash, rince, repeat (as they say.)

The key thing here is that you would be saving it to disk (i.e. reencoding the jpg) and then loading the reencoded jpg and editing it more. Every generation jpg will be worse because you'll be loosing more and more detail every time.

Note that just saving isn't the problem. The problem comes when you save it, and then load that saved copy. If you edit and save and edit some more and save (without loading again from disk) then you will be fine.

Personally, my stance is that TIFF is almost worthless in a camera. If you have a RAW setting, I would either use that or jpg... and never touch tiff.

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You wonít see any difference between JPG and TIFF for 5 X 7 or smaller prints.

If I were switching to digital and archiving a new family with it I would take the pictures in raw mode. Your Nikon raw isnít too efficient at 7.6Mb/shot, but a lot more efficient than a 14.4Mb TIFF that isnít as good. Evidently the 5700 buffer can handle raw where it canít buffer TIFFs. You can just have the Nikon software batch convert (Save as) all of the raw photos as TIFFs. Make sure to save the raw files as they are more versatile and have more color depth. It is a little hassle but one you will thank yourself for if you ever get into digital darkroom. Your baby when grown will have a lot better quality memories of childhood as well. Iíve always felt it a little short sighted to notch the quality down to current requirements.
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