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I don't know enough about lenses to comment. I do have a Tamron (all manual) zoom lens for my old Nikon that is begining to fall apart - only took 25 years for that to happen.
Jonas-ji wrote:
... I also agree with PeterP and Grinder. I do not want to look for a new camera in a year or two. I used to love to shoot with the Olympus OM 1 and OM2. If I can find a DSLR like that I would be more than satisfied. ...
You will not find a digicam that will hold its own in comparison with new releases in a year or two. Digicams are much like computers - they get better, faster, and cheaper.

None of today's digicams, SLR or not, will last the way manual SLRs have. You can use the newest and best film with an old camera. With a digital camera, you are locked into using the same "film"/sensor that you start with. Even though you can change digital "film's" ISO, white balance, saturation, ... you cannot use any improvements that are bound to show up within a couple of years. Dynamic range improvement is bound to happen. Lower noise/higer ISO. Faster. Full integration of good video and good photo capabilities into the same camera.
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I understand because I buy a new computer every year. Better then not to spend so much money and upgrade in a couple of years when the lower end systems (maybe) are better then the top end today???

I starting to get some clarifications. Thanks to your input BillDrew

Happy holidays!

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