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Default Any good sites that give blanket brand descriptions?

So I come from a computer/laptop world where after a while you have end up with some blanket comments on hardware like "Sony tends to make small laptops that have heat issues." or "Toshiba tends to make laptops that last." In reading reviews I've seen a few off handed comments like "As typical of an Olympus sensor the colors tended on the cool side" or one where it was commented that the company in question always uses Sony sensors so the results were equivalent (I was looking at a Sony camera vs. another camera but can't remember what the other camera was). Is there a site where someone breaks down brands with a general "this is what we expect" type of stuff?
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While Sony does make all its own sensors, as does Canon, Nikon and Pentax get their sensors from Sony and others, and I confess that I don't know who makes the sensors for Olympus or Panasonic.

But the same sensor can have different flavors depending on whose camera it's in. So you really can't prejudge digital cameras as much as you can with other products.
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It is very difficult to make these kind of blanket statements regarding camera brands, and as soon as one sticks his neck out and does, the next models released may be exactly the opposite. Go for a case-by-case basis.

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Ok, thanks for the heads up.
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The camera market is so competitive. One year Camera manufacturer A puts out a camera that has some really cool features but the pictures are noisy and gets soundly thrashed in the reviews of it. Next year it puts out a camera that has significant noise reduction capabilities to compensate. Each camera manufacturer is constantly trying to one-up everyone else and capture sales, to make a better product. So Brian is right - you can't really draw any conclusions based on manufacturer.

The same thing goes with lenses, perhaps even more so - every lens manufacturer has made outstanding lenses along with some really lousy ones. You can't say that every Sigma or Tamron lens is lousy compared to a lens sold under a manufacturer's name. In fact, historically you can't necessarily know who designed and produced a lens just based on the name that's on the lens.
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