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Default Any suggestions of digicams that may fit the citeria?

i'm totally new to digicam, so i really don't kno what i should expect in a digicam. please help!>.<

but i got these few features i realli would like:
PRICE RANGE: around $400USD (maximum $450)
around 3 megapixels
6X-up optical zoom
2X-up digital zoom (doesn't matter much)
easy to function
movie mode-(best with audio)
use SD memory card (because i heard xD is more expensive?)
use AA batteries (special photography batteries are more expensive?)

is it possible to get a camera like that?
thanks all for your help!thxthx!
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You are going to need NiMh AA bbatteries because you won't be able to feed regular AA's fast enough. Camera's eat them.....so, resolve to getting rechargable NiMH batteries. At least 2 sets, preferably 3 sets. I suggest the Nikon Coolpix 4300. Many great features, strong ratings everywhere. I have a Coolpix 2100 which was nice for a first, but somewhat incapable camera. (Have since upped to an Olympus C5060) Don't even consider using the digital zoom of any camera. All that does is take chunks of what the optical zoom sees and you usually get grainy pictures. Your object is to take nice pictures, so resolve to spending the extra on rechargable batteries and good quality optical zoom. And read professional reviews, not opinions by a bunch of chatty internet camera geeks like me...... And don;t expect decent movie modes from a camera. Get a movie camera for that. You're also going to need a memory card becaue the one that comes with most cameras hold barely any pics.
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RGRotss is correct on digital zoom, very little use. Some of the video modes are getting pretty good (check out the Z2 specs) but those don't meet your other specs.

My suggestions are based on the 6x zoom requirement.

Take a look at the Fuji S3000 great little camera it does use xD memory but it's $100 cheaper than you were budgeting so you can pay the small premium for the card (cards run about $40 for 128M and $85 for 256M), all the other specs are right on what you want.
Video is only 10fps which will be jerky.

Next is the Kodak 6490 .. More camera than you asked for but you can find them as low as $400. Uses a funny battery but the battery does last a long time (an extra battery will run you about $25). I've gotten 400 pics on mine with about 60% flash. 10x Zoom SD memory, 4MP. It even comes with 16M of internal storage. Pretty good 15fps video mode (Decent for watching on a PC)

Next would be the Fuji S5000, Like the S3000 on steroids, faster lens, more pro features to grow into, still uses xD memory and has the best video modes of the bunch (30fps). Price is right at your limit.

Last on the list would be an HP 850 4MP, 8x Zoom all the other specs you wanted. The biggest problem I know of on this camera is it is very slow in picture to picture time (SD memory writes are very slow). Video is low resolution but 30fps.

I own a 6490 and love it...
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You can also get a Minolta Z1 for less than $300 delivered from a reliable online retailer. http://www2.buydig.com/shop/basket.a...dd&sks=MIDIMZ1, You will need a SD card and a charger with NiMH batteries. Shutter lag and cycle times are very fast.

Lexar is selling their high speed XD cards at very reasonable prices lately. It is faster than most cameras can use. I donít think a fast card would help the cycle time much on the HP. Even the basic SD cards are reasonably fast.
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thx guys for your help!
actually i did look at professional reviews for details on the pro's and con's~
so i'm realli thinking about FujiS3000+S5000, Minolta Z1 and the Olympus C740.
because i lived in Canada, and I don't think Minolta is popular around my place, so it seems quite difficult to have an idea about its price range.
but anyways, thank you so much for all u guys!
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