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Gday Everyone and a Happy New Year to you all ...

Well as the subject says, I feel like I'm banging my head against a wall.

Issue: I previously had a Canon Powershot S60 til the CCD went in an untimely situation. No gripes about the S60, did all I wanted to do. I then purchased a new Canon A720IS and it felt great - except for that dam flash lag. Posted here and found out it was the whole AA battery thing. (Yes I used the decent rechargable ones.) Returned the A720IS in exchange for the Canon SX1000IS which seemed to perform well in store but once home, I soon found the flash issue raised it's head again.

So with cap in hand and a feel for a 'better camera' over the original S60, I returned to my retailer and they kindly exchanged my camera, again - this time fora Sony Cybershot DSC-H3 - as it was one of only a handful of cameras in my budget / user field that had the lithium ion battery (as per the Powershot S60) and hey presto, flash lag gone. No more dramas. Phew!

But! this dam 'flickity flickity flick flick flick' before FLASH! was starting to be a pain and the results of my first 'download' of photos tonight has supported this. You see a shot with the kids ... 'flickity flickity flick flick flick'FLASH! ..... and they've moved and I've got a shot of their ear. Bar the odd exception, these photos (approx 250 of them) would have to be amoungst the most average bloody photos I've taken I think. I'm trying not to be too critical ... perhaps I'm expecting more? I don't think so though.

Now I know, I know, I know, the old adage that a poor tradesman blames his tools and I'm not a photographers toenail - but I appreciate a nice shot (for what I understand anyhow) and despite what might be coming across here, I don't want a locked down, two option, 'd!ck_head camera' - does that make sense? (hope that came out right! )

I'm frustrated, I'm disappointed,I'm unable to return this camera to the retailer and in turn it would appear I have a camera to sell damn it. Each time has been more money to 'step up a little' plus the change in memory and battery.
So what then, O'greater community, would you suggest my next step be?
I welcome your opinions and suggestions.

Thanks for your time.

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i dont use my flash, its turned off.

but isnt the sequence of flashes anti red eye??

are there other flash settings on the menu?? most cameras i have used and owned have at least a few different flash modes

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Digital cameras do use a small preflash to set flash exposure, but it is typically very short and usually imperceptible (although some sensitive folks react to it). It sounds to me like you have redeye reduction enabled. Check in you menus and turn it off and this should eliminate the "sequence" you are experiencing.
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Old Jan 7, 2008, 6:43 AM   #4
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Well Kudos to you both - there was a red eye setting within the menu and wala! no more flickity flick flick flick!! That one's resolved .....

To my second curiosity - what else would you be suggesting that I look at?
I'm just not 100% sold on the 'feel' of the images that I'm taking ... do I have Canon in my blood?!!
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