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Picasa 2 is amazing!!

So much better than the roxio program i was using before.

Is there a lens filter that amplifies light for these situations?

How can white balance help?
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Angel L. wrote:
Is there a lens filter that amplifies light for these situations?
Not unless it's equipped with headlights. ;-)

How can white balance help?
Different lighting has different color temperatures. The human eye may see white as white in a variety of lighting, but the camera may see it is blue, yellow, etc., if it doesn't have a good reference.

The Auto White Balance is "guessing" based on what it sees in the image, and sometimes gets it wrong, leading to color casts and inaccurate colors (I noticed a slight cast in some of your photos, although overall most are better than expected for Auto White Balance).

Look up White Balance in your manual, and you'll see that you can set it for typical lighting conditions. It also has a Manual Preset feature, allowing you to set it to specific lighting conditions (sometimes the presets are a bit off, especially in mixed or unusual lighting).

Using a White or Grey card, it simply records the temperature of the lighting by reading it from the card and storing it. Since it has a reference of a known color in the lighting your shooting in, it can more accuately process other images taken in the same lighting.

You can buy cards for this purpose. But, even a coffee filter or white piece of paper can work in a pinch for setting custom white balance for the lighting. Getting the right shade of grey is a bit more difficult.

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