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I've finally decided on a camera that I thought met all my needs - but now i'm getting the worst pictures ever. I don't want to have to spend so much time with all the manual adustments just to take a clear, non-blurry, non-washed out, or too dark picture - I'm thinking it must be me, since the camera seems to be a decent one???

I've had major problems indoors, tried adjusting the white balance, auto, scene mode etc. Blurry, blurry, blurry & washed out.

The one's i've shot outside are just as pathetic - i've been messing with the settings but can't seem to get a decent picture from this camera.

Anyone else find this with the olympus?

Anyone have suggestions? I'm ready to return this and buy yet another camera.

THank you in advance

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Don't know anything about this particular camera, but Olympus doesn't make junk.
Have you tried shooting just using the camera's default modes before you started your manual adjustments? That would give a good baseline to find out the camera's strengths and weaknesses under different conditions, making your manual adjustments more meaningful.

If the camera's defaults give you consistantly poor exposure and blurred shots, then maybe something is wrong with the camera. In that case, will the retailer exchange it for a different unit of the same camera so that you could see whether the second one has the same problems as the first? If you chose this camera because it seemed to have the features that you wanted, it would be a shame not to find out.

If you know someone else who has had some experiance with digital cameras, ask them to try yours out and see whether they get similar results. Then, at least, you would have a better idea of whether user error plays a part in the poor results.


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One of the things that I have discovered over the years is that there are just some cameras that just 'don't fit'very well.

Other people appear to be able to take great shots with exactly the same camera but for me...failure. It was frustrating when they would try to help by showing a particularly impressive shot...why can't I get that?:?

I eventually accepted the fact that, for some unexplained reason, I just didn't get along with a particular brand. Maybe it was thedesign philosophy that went into engineering it...somehow it didn't work the way I worked and that meant I couldn't get a decent shot.

So, my suggestion would be to try other cameras. Try them in the store before you buy it. See which ones seem to 'fit'. You will find one eventually that will work so smoothly with you that it will be a pleasure to use.
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Perhaps posting one or two of the bad shots would help, or at least including the EXIF data (it gives info from the shot - f-stop, shutter speed mode, focal length - if you are using Windows XP, right click the photo, go to properties, then the advanced tab and you should see this info). This may help some posters in making suggestions.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"It is possible it is just set on some inappropriate mode or perhaps there is something wrong with the camera itself - maybe just a dud and may need to be exchanged.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Kevin
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