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Default Best nature camera?

Yes another new guy

I would like to upgrade from my 1.3mp oly that puts a green line in the middle of all my pics :evil:
I will mostly use this for nature shots in deep woods and some racing pictures night and day.
I think I need these things

3Mp minimum
primarily ambient light / woods=dim and shadows
Zoom how much do I need what would you suggest?
Ergonomically friendly especially during zooming and switching to manual

I liked the Fuji s5000 but I get the impression that picture quality is quite poor, Love the price though.

This is making me shy of the new s7000, I really like the features but it is really more than I want to spend anyway.

I also like the 10x zoom of the c750 but it looks difficult to use, too Small.

Z1 looks easily broken

As you can tell I am looking at the 10x zoom cameras but there is little offered between 3x and 10x?
Feel free to correct any of my impressions of the listed cameras or to suggest different cameras.

I would like to stay around the 600.00 or less range.
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The Oly C750 and C740 (3.2mp) are easy to use. The fit in the hand is very good. I am guessing by nature camera that most of your shots will be outdoors and the Oly 10X will fit your needs. The c740 is 3.2mp and runs about $350 on the internet. It is $100 less than the 750. I also looked at the S5000 but was leary of some reviews but have seen some of the pictures by goofas:

http://www.stevesforums.com/phpBB2/v...ic.php?t=15563. The camera seems to take very good pics. I bought the C740 to go with my C4040 and have enjoyed the C740.
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If you are not locked into minimum of three megapixels
there is an outstanding camera to consider:

The Olympus C2100UZI.

It main claims to fame are these:

10x zoom.

Great lens.

AND Image stabilization. You will have to be VERY wobbly
before you get double images with a 2100UZI.

You can also add lens, filters to it.

Camera is discontinued but is sometimes on Ebay or the Olympus
Refurbished site at:


Good luck
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Just ordered an s5000, I have researched a lot and i am tired. With the whole experience i found one thing which is pretty basic, the person behind the camera is the key rather than the camera. I read soo many bad reviews about the s5000, i almost decided to wait on s7000 though it is too much for my pocket.

then i started searching for pictures taken on s5000 and found quite a few of them to be really good and i dont know if my mind can match those creative minds.

what i can see from your post is that you are looking for a 6x+ focal range and good ergonomy and no one can deny that s5000 is good in these. and seeing the pictures on the web the quality is not that bad (atleast for my kind of use). unless you need the pics for printing posters, i feel s5000 is a good choice. I went to bestbuy tried out both s5000 and s7000 and felt s5000 was the perfect one.

I was also considering s7000 and coolpix 5700 though they were way out of my budget. both of them dont have a focus illuminator and i think are a bit bulky. I dont want to buy an expensive one and still crave for more features, i would rather buy s5000 now and wait for couple of more years when i can buy a camera with feature set of s5000 and quality cp 5700 or sony 717
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I am starting to lean towards the S5000 again. looks like I can get the S5000, batteries, charger and 256mbs for about 477.00 shipping included.
I think this camera fits my experience level well wile leaving me room to grow a bit. If I get back into this hobby seriously I can always give this camera to my son and upgrade to a better camera.

I'm not sure I can get the same features in another camera in this price range other than the c740 but if I have video I want sound.
If I am missing any other comparable cameras please let me know.

The c750 is a slightly higher level camera and would cost me 130.00 more for features I am not sure I need yet.

As far as the older discontinued models I would be concerned with buying a used or refurbed camera unless from someone local.

I will think it over for a few days, please feel free to point out any flaws in my thinking here.

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Enjoy your camera.

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