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What I'm trying to get is the best quality 4x6 and maybe 5x7 prints that I can get. After surfing boards for a while and reading manuals, it sounds like 1200x1600 is recommended for 4x6 prints. These are for snapshots that probably won't be cropped. Would a 4x6 print of a 3648x2736 image look better than one from a 1200x1600?

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If your camera puts out 3648x2736 pixels then it will make great 4x6 prints. The application that drives the printer will resample the image to fit the print and it souldn't show.
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A 3MP (megapixel, or about 2,048x1,536) camera should give you the ability to print a 5x7 at 300dpi (dots per inch printer resolution) which is the "Gold Standard" for print quality. 3648x2736 would give you enough pixels to do some cropping and still get that 5x7 at great quality.

In a direct comparison of a 5x7 printed at 300dpi from a 2048x1536 file and from a 3648x2736 file, I don't think you'd see any meaningful difference. But, the 3648x2736 file would give you more latitude with cropping and printing at larger sizes.

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Can I fairly assume that you camera has a 3648x2736 resolution because thats the number you gave?

That will give you absolutely perfect prints at 5x7. You will have over 500dpi, and personally I cannot notice any difference in photos once they reach 200dpi.

I recently printed a 12x18 picture using a camera with only 2592x1944 pixels and it looked just fine.

Most cameras can handle those print sizes just fine, 1200x1600 would do just fine, and 3648x2736 would be better... but the improvement likely wouldn't be noticeable to most people.
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I always take my photos at the highest resolution the camera can turn out.

Most 3 megapixel cameras can print a decent 8 x 10 assuming you haven't cropped the image later using software.

A 6 or 8 meg camera can print an 8 x 10 or even a 12x16.

Just about any camera made these days can print a decent 4 x 6 or 5 x 7.

-- Terry
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What resolution will you print at? If for instancee you upload to Snapfish for printing they cacn't print more than 300DPI so for a 4X6 print anything more than 1200X1800 is going to be resized anyway.
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