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Hello im new to the forum and to the digital photography world
We just recently purchased our 1st digital camara the panasonic
DMC-fz20 We've used it a few times for indoor basketball shots
with low lighting..1st atemp not to well alot of blur and orange hue
messed with the settings and fixed one problem but not the other..

(no blur with the orange hue or clear with alot of blur)so we took it to a local camara shop(theo nly 1 in town and they arent familiar with the camara) but they was able to adjust it so the color was good but one shot alot of blur and another none or so blurry you cant see it..

My question is is anyone familiar with this camara and what would be the best setting for this for indoor baskeball..
Thanks in advance
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sounds like you are using auto settings. practice practice practice using manual settings!

set the white balance for indoor lighting instead of auto white balance (with auto the shots will all appear with a different colour cast, manually setting (even if you use the wrong setting) means they all have the same colour cast and its easier to batch correct with software later on). or set your own white balance off a piece of paper when you are at the match (just go near the court, hold a white piece of paper in front of the camera, set the white balance off it then return to your set...takes less than a minute).

keep image stabilising turned on but remember image stabilising only helps to take sharper pictures, it can not prevent you from taking blurry shots. practice practice practice taking photos of moving objects, faster shutter speeds can help get clearer shots, but good camera handling can give you great results too (for example instead of using a high shutter speed to get everything in focus, use a more normal speed and steadily follow a moving target and take shots...you end up with your subject in focus but the background blurred with dramatically increases the feeling of motion in the photo.

there is nothing wrong with the camera, the issues you have described occur to pretty much everyone new to a camera and honestly its not repairs/upgrades/software that will fix them its just practice practice practice and you'll learn what settings work best for different situations and be more steady/confident in handling the camera. i've had my fz20 since they were released and i'm still learning new things, i switched to using completely manual settings within 2 weeks of buying it and now when i want to take a shot i just set what i need without having to think about it (its like the eyes and fingers talk to each other without going near the brain . and dont be afraid to take bad photos or too many, you will learn fast by just experimenting. you may find just setting the white balance, shutter priority and being steady with your handling is all you need to take great action shots. just enjoy it!
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hello thunder
i too had similar problems when i tried to take pictures at valentines dance with my fz20 and i changed to a little handheld casio and the pictures came out better.
no doubt what pelman states is completely true so follow his advice.
however you should also try posting this question in the panasonic forum coz evryone in there is a panasonic user and quite a few use the fz20 with fabulous results.
good luck.

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