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Default Came across a Olympus C4000 for a really good price!

I hope that maybe I can get some feed back on this post! I posted a few days ago on the Olympus C5050 and haven't had a response. In the mean time I have come across a deal of an Olympus C4000. I can get it for $275 US brand new!

I have only recently taken up photography and have a Sony Cyber-shot 2.0 mp camera...it has been a great little camera. Just don't like the LCD display a little too small and its not protected, its more like the screen of my notebook pc.

Any way I wanted something with more features than the Sony has...I really like photography enough that I might try and make a living at it. That is why I was looking at the C5050. But like I said I (MIGHT) try to make a livinga at it...this deal on the C4000 makes me wonder if I should start with it. As a hobbiest I wouldn't need everything the C5050 has.

This is where I need help the C4000 has a lot of features that I was looking for in the C5050, but is it highly recommended. Does any one have pro's and con's on it. I do want something that is going give me great shots of my son, dog, scenery an all around good camera!

Thanks very much...your help would be appreciated very much!
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Olympus 4000 is a good camera. One major drawback is it uses Smart Media card which is not very popular format. Even Olympus stopped using it. I am also planning to buy one. To my knowledge olympus is introducing several new cameras and this model can go out of shelves very soon.

Let us know where is it available for $275.00?
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Default Where to get the Olympus C4000 for $275 US

sri to answer your question where to get it for that price...a friends employer bought it for the business and then decided that they didn't need three camera's. So he is letting it go for $275 US...we are in Prague Czech Republic and he paid too much for it any way. Well over $600 US. Sorry I couldn't let you in on a great deal!

So still would this be a good deal a good way to go?
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I recently puchased the C-4000 and would recommend this camera to anyone. The camera is every bit as good as described in Steve's Digicam review. It has a ton of features and the picture quality is outstanding. The camera is easy to operate but does require some time to learn only because there are so many features.

I would not worry about the fact that the camera utilizes the Smartmedia format since these cards are highly available and will be for a long time.

I also like the ability to use an external flash with this camera which greatly improves your flash photos. However, you must be careful as to which flash you connect to the camera since the trigger voltage on some flashes may be to high. I settled on the the Sunpak 383 Super ($70) which requires the Olympus FL-CB04 sync cord ($40). Sunpak has informed me that the 383 is safe to connect to the C-4000.

I cannot think of anything I do not like about the C-4000. You have to ask yourself if the C-5050 is really going to give you that much better, noticeable resolution or picture quality for the extra hundreds of dollars? Probably not. The C-4000 takes excellent photos at 4 megapixels and I don't think the C-5050 is going to make that big a difference.

Buy the C-4000 and with the money you saved by not buying the C-5050 get yourself a nice flash, sync cord, filters, etc.
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The C4000 is a good camera and especially for that price. You can not find one in the US that amount of money.
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