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Default Which Camera Questions - Old Timer's Commentary

8) For seasoned photographers, there are good reasons for the which camera question. They usually know their intended use/needs, and have done their homework. The troublesome one, only because it is almost impossible to answer, is the "I know nothing, tell me what to buy" question. That is the target audience of this commentary.

Having been through 8 digitals after 30 years of film shooting, here is what I have learned. In digitals, I have had 5-6 MB Nikon, Canon, Olympus, and Sony units from the big Canon D-60 SLR to the tiny Olympus C-50. I have never been displeased with any of my digitals, though every one was uniquely different and best suited to different uses and personal preferences. Every one has been a delight for me. Every one knocked my socks off when I got it.

Digi debates on minute technical points are either for people like me who have nothing better to do or for true pros having very specific and demanding technical requirements.

Just my 2 cents.

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Default Quite true

Often, the person doesn't really know what they want or need in the first place, and in the second place its too easy to recommend what you have because you think its the best (may be for you).
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Often buyers are deep down concerned about 'post purchase dissonance' (although they don't know what it's called). In a camera market place of great range, features and choice, they worry about making a wrong choice and suffering 'self embarassment', convincing themselves there is only one best choice. Buyers of fast moving and changing products are vulnerable to peer pressure. This is where media advertising has a field day!

So if other posters say that something's good, they only need a very small percentage of positives, to convince them the world must have bought the camera they're interested in. It's a bit like sheep and cliffs! Searching Forums also contributes to the information overload problem. If you tried hard enough, you'd probably find a good report somewhere on the worst 'lemon cam' and convince yourself the other posters were wrong! Buyers often do this after buying the dodgy cam. I've often wondered if auction buyers do this sort of thing.

Of course in reality, most cameras are probably o.k, so in the end it's the reasurance that often is the decider. But then with so many differentiating features it's easy for cam makers and the buyers themselves to play one feature set off against another and come up with the answer they want to hear.

I rarely contribute to the 'which camera is best survey' But I wonder what possible compelling argument there is on a small sample of say 5 replies, to buy the camera that was polled highest.

The web (including Forums) is a virtual experience, the truth might be out there, but you may not have necessarily found it yet! In the end, the final choice is really what works for YOU.
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