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yankin Dec 29, 2004 4:41 PM

Hi there, my wife just got me a Kodak dx7590 camera for Christmas - I had been looking at getting my first digital camera to replace my 35mm. I wanted something that was compact enough but also something with a bit more zoom than 3x optical... My wife on the other hand is a camera junkie with her canon ?rebel? and all the lens' and attatchments swearing by 35mm for the best shots etc...

I guess the dx7590 is good for her because she can change all the settings but is it way beyond what E'll do with it - print of the 5x7's, send pics to mom's email, maybe blow up the odd shot for a 8x10 plack mount (never done it before but thought it might be nice)

I was looking at the panasonic FZ3. a 3 MP camera vs 5MP (do I need the 5MP - the FutureShop kid said that I did but he was like 12yrs old...)

Any advice would help.


PhilR. Dec 29, 2004 5:00 PM

The FZ3 will have enough mp's to do your 5x7 and 8x10, but not much more. Whether or not you "need" the 5mp is highly subjective and therefore up to you. Couldn't hurt though....

I wouldn't worry if the Kodak is too good for you. After all, you do what you want to with it, and nothing more. And too, most people worry if it's "good enough", rather than " is it too good".

As for the FZ3 - IMO it is "more" camera than what you have already, so I don't see why you are contemplating it when you are already trying to figure out if a lesser (NOT inferior, youKodak crazies...) camera is too much to begin with.....


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