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Default Canon A70 or A75 OR Minolta S-414

First I wanted to know should I get the Canon A70,A75 over the Minolta S-414. From all the pictures I have seen on line from the A70 and the S-414 it seems that the S-414 takes quitier pictures but I like the color better that the A70 provides.

Second, If you pick Canon for me is it worth waiting till the middle of April for the A75 to come out. Are the new features of the A75 that much better. Thanks for your help and advise.

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My guess is that the A75 is going to be faster with the new processor. The direct printing is a useless feature to me. For large jobs it is cheaper, easier and much faster to take them to Wal-Mart. For home printing I usually want to work the image a tad before printing it. Even if I were to take a batch to Wal-Mart I would want to sort and crop full screen first.

Camera prices are often at their best when a new model is released. You might wait for the reviews of the A75 to see if it is worth the price difference.

You can get the image pretty much any way you want with cameras above the point and shoot level. Sharpening, saturation and contrast levels make for crisper images and brighter colors from the camera if you want them that way. I personally switch all of my cameras to minimum sharpening and contrast the first day I get them and those settings never change. They donít come out of the camera that great but they post-process much better. I usually batch process them to a separate folder for normal viewing Ė takes less than a minute of my time and I have both bright sharp images and the originals available if I find one I want to print a 13 X 19 from.

There are some features I like on the 414. A B&W status window is a great feature on a camera with an optical finder. You donít have to use the LCD for settings, which can be a hassle in bright sunlight and uses battery. It also has a continuous focus mode that is great for taking pictures of anything that might move during shutter lag or while you are pre-focused. Good for rugrats and people at gatherings. It is also 4Mp and 4X optical zoom. The 414 is a bargain but it is considerably larger and heavier than the A70. I would handle them in a store.
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