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I have been searching and searching for a forum post to offer a good solid newbie package for beginner/novice photographers. I have emailed lensmate directly with no luck.

I have been around photography my whole life through my uncle (emilio ganot - austria), and i'm just now really getting interested in it. I have already started turning heads through web designs i have done for some of my university's organizations, and won some small competitions...all with my old canon powershot A300.

I JUST bought a canon A80 ($199 office depot labor day sale... $180 price matched at Circuit City). And need advice on a very solid, versitile, and quality "package" i can purchase to help me learn photography.

I want to grow with photography, that is why i bought the canon a80. I just need advice on decent lenses, converter adapters, ring thingys, and filters. I love shooting outdoors, I enjoy some macrophotography and would love to experiment with a "fisheye" lens.

My budget allows for $200-$250usd (i'm a broke college student). I know i'm asking for a lot for a little but whatever advice that can be offered i truly appreciate.

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Your question is a little confusing...at first by your subject I thought you meant a starter kit (batteries, carrying case, etc.).

Then I thought you wanted a tutorial kit (in order to learn about shutter speed, etc.).

Lastly, you talk about lenses...I'll assume this one.

No matter which brand you get you first need to get a filter adapter tube to attach lenses (and filters) to your camera:

With add-on lenses you can get very cheap like Digital/Crystal Optics, and Opteka which you can get on Ebay, but the quality is lousy. Or you can get better lenses like Raynox which will eat up your budget. The following is a list of Raynox's lenses (for some cameras they have specific pages showing the lens on the camera and samples from that camera), but for the A-80 they just have this list so you'll have to click on the lens and see if the A-80 is listed on the bottom of that lens' page:

Some lenses will cost a lot more than others, like the Raynox DCR-FE180Pro (fisheye) at $370USD.

You'll have to decide between quality and cost. I will say that Raynox's DCR-6600Pro (.66x) is one of the best wide angle converters on the market due to its lack of barrel distortion...I own a Canon .7x before, and it was just garbage, it curved the picture like a fisheye would, but the Raynox .66x doesn't!
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Sorry for not being very specific aboutwhat i meant when i said package. I'm needing assistance in what lenses to get. Currently, i'm not looking for the top of the line lenses or cheapo lenses, just a decent solid brand that will help me learn. I have searched all around forums and most just ask for advice on a more advanced level.

-Which is more versitile to use? 37 mm or 52 mm? because i'm on a $200-$250usd budget and would like to start off with one size first and then expand later.

-Are lensmate adapters compatible with other lens manufacturers? (without using special fitting rings). (I have just heard a lot of positive reviews of lensmate.)

-What are the basic polarizers/filters that can be used for a variety of shots?

Lastly, what are the most versitile lenses that a beginner like myself can experiment with while taking a diverse array of pictures?

I have been reading some beginners books, but it mostly talks about angles and framing and white balance. When i do find information on hardware, its its somewhat confusing because its hard to sometimes associate what they're saying with my Canon a80.

Again i really appreciate any help and advice that is offered.
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If you are looking for lenses, filters and adapters maybe the following link can help you: http://www.lensmateonline.com/A80adapter.htm
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