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As a newbie to digital I bought a Canon 20D. With the camera came some software programs. I so confused as to were to store my photos and the best way to edit them to email or print out.

I have a Dell XPS laptop and right now am storing my photos in 'my pictures".

These programs came with the camera:

Photoshop Elements 2.0

Canon EOS Viewer

Canon Digital Photo Professional

The way it seems to me is I can edit all my photos with Photoshop but I can not see what the use is for the 2 Canon programs that came with the camera. Seems like Canon Digital Photo Professional might be to convert RAW to JPEG and do very light photo editing and I have no clue what to use Canon EOS Viewer for.

Any help or ideas on a better way to store and manage/edit photos?

Thanks, Mike
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Managing your images is a separate (but related) issue from editing your images.

For managing/storing my images I story everything by the day they were taken. So I make a directory of the year. then in there a directory of the year_month, in there I make a directory year_month_day. for example:
--> 2006_02
----> 2006_02_08
----> 2006_02_11

It seems like its a lot of work, but it really isn't. The downside is that you don't know what subjects are were. I solve that by using a separate program (iMatch) but you can use picassa from Google to do some of that too. It lets you put images into catagories.

For the software, I agree with you. Your view of using PS Elements for editing, DPP for RAW conversion and the other... I'm with you, I don't know.

One of them lets you store your name and the time into the camera. I don't remember which.

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Are on you a Mac or PC? If PC do you just store them in "my pictures"? When I bought my Dell Laptop it came with a program called Corel Photo Album 6. I know this program will edit photo's but I think it may store them as well I just can't tell.

Anyone know what the Canon EOS Viewer is really for?
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