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Default Canon G3?

Hi, I am considering a Canon G3. All the research I've done so far seems to find it to be a great camera. However, has anyone had issues with the Canon G3's rendetion of green in photos of well lit grass looking flourescent or cartoon like? I have been following a couple threads on other sites mentioning it, yet I never heard any of the professional reviews mention it. All said G3 colors were accurate in balance and saturation.
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I don't own one, but like you said, the PowerShot G3 has great reviews, even being recommended to people who are taking a look at the current PowerShot G5.
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The only colour that I find is not reproduced accurately with the G3 is Purple. I don't think that this is only with G3s though. Usually using a different white balance setting or adjusting in photoshop corrects the problem.
All in all, it's a great camera

Hope this helps!
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If it is only white balance (which would make some sense) then I'm not very surprised. It's not something that many cameras get right all the time. I once did a test with my 10D taking a picture in every white balance setting. The best one was the one explicitly for the indoor lighting I was using, then came Auto White Balance. Not as good as the "correct" one, but quite close.

It was a simple, but educational, test. This makes me think I should do it again with a variety of colors in the picture. See if it has a color dependent-problem....

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