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Default Canon G5 Or Minolta A1?

Ok My first Digicam well second if u wanna count the polaroid 810kmegpix cam lol any how going to buy new camera in day or so im lookin at Canon G5 or Minolta A1 would like to be able to print sharp clear 8x10's is the A1's Photo quality really all that much worse then the G5's or is all the testing and reviews on these at there extremes i get to likin a camera and then the negatives lol so im running in corcles any anwers for newbie wanting camera to grow into. I am going to be taking photography class at local college so would like the full manual controls to plus point shoot. :shock:
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Default Canon/Minolta

Mickey, I gotta say up front I'm a Canon guy. The G5 has a lot to offer. You might start by talking to the head of the photo department where you are planning on taking classes. They might have some good insite. Years ago I used to shoot Minolta when they first introduced their new auto focus systems. However, Minolta started selling only dedicated products for their equipment and it became costly to by cords for this or that. I am not that familiar with the A1, but I'm sure its a fine camera as well. I do know that the canon offers a better optical zoom and will accept non-Caon products. Good Luck! Bob
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Mickey...I've been doing photography as an amateur for 40-50 years, and am currently a digital imaging scientist. I bought my first personal digital camera just before Thanksgiving, and after a great deal of research, including leaning towards the G5 at one point, bought the A1. I'm not sorry. I haven't yet had time to explore all of its features and so have mostly used it as a point-and-shoot camera, but I am slowly expanding my experience with it.

I was concerned about the negative reviews regarding image quality, but given that the reviews are so mixed, and that my own experience has resulted in excellent image quality, I'd say that in retrospect, the negative image quality reviews overemphasized the objective test results. It's true that careful objective testing would show that the A1's image quality is not tops in the class, but frankly, while I rely heavily on objective testing in my work, in my recreational amateur photography, I'm more than satisfied - subjectively - with the A1 results. I don't think anybody would deny that Canon gives great image quality. I'd suggest you go to the A1 review on the DPR web site and take a look at the side-by-side comparison images between the G5 and A1. The link to the first page of comaprisons is...


Given that Phil's review may have been the start of the flap over the A1's image quality, looking at the comparisons on his site may assure freedom from bias in favor of the A1. Best to see with yur own eyes how they compare and judge if the difference is within your tolerance and if the features of the A1 are more than enough to compensate fo the difference in image quality. It was for me since I judged the image quality differences within my tolerance.
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I recently bought the A1 and have been VERY happy with it. I didn't really look at the G5 because I wanted greater than the 4x zoom the G5 offers.
Image quality problems with the A1? I don't have any
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My two runner's up were the Nikon coolpix 5700 and the Minolta A1 (wanted the higher zoom so didn't short list the G5 - I'm sure its a great product though).
My favorite feature on the A1 is the stabilization CCD - great feature for zoom. I never seemed to have a hand steady enough to get any greater zoom than 2X without a tripod. With the A1 I can get 7X without a tripod thanks to the Anti-Shake feature. As far as "negative reviews regarding image quality" - I have been EXTREMELY happy with the image quality I have gotten from the A1. I'm not a pro photographer so perhaps just don't see the problems but I have talked to others who likewise have no disappointments with quality.
Try both cameras out - take a look at the images yourself that you shoot. Compare the featues - (decide if you want a greater zoom than 4X for instance - easiest way to do this is to take a large zoom camera somewhere where you usually take pictures and see the difference 7X gets you over 4x).
I also enjoy both auto-focus modes the A1 gives me. Only on a couple of shots out of hundreds did I have problems with autofocus (I think this is great result - I've never seen a perfect autofocus on either digital or film cameras).
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I would also join in and recommend the A1 over the G5 for most of the reasons already stated.
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I have a Minolta D7i and covet some of the features of the A1. Things like stabilization, the more efficient raw, big buffer and Adobe RGB are appealing. It carries over some of the great features like a big manual zoom ring and 28mm wide. I have to admit the camera is a little bulky compared to the G5 though.

I recently bought a Panasonic FZ10 for the long stabilized lens. The Leica designed lens is incredible with the stabilization but the camera leaves a lot to be desired. It is really a dynamite lens attached to a sub-standard camera. I wish someone like Minolta had made the camera instead.

But the stabilization is incredible for available light shots – not just telephoto. I was recently at a large national conference and shot some photos without flash at a sixth and eighth of a second that came out sharp – not all of them mind you but enough for my purposes. I couldn’t have gotten them without a multiple flash setup on an unstabilized camera. Stabilization is a very desirable feature.

This shot was handheld at 1/8 second at ISO 200:

And a blowup of the podium taken from the same photo. The speaker’s head is blurred because he was moving his head, but stabilization won’t do anything for subject movement:
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