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The_Guy001 Apr 14, 2006 9:44 AM


Great to be here!!! Rightly guessed, me a Newbie. Well, I am pondering over a Digital Camera & have some queries about Canon Powershot A540. I will ask 4 to begin with.

[.1.] In regards to A540, I read this somewhere....

In the Standard mode, digital zoom while recording movies is available.

Please can anyone explain me what this means?

What is "Standard Mode" (Resolution & FPS) ?
What is the digital zoom in recording movies?

[.2.] What are the OTHER advantages of Powershot A610 over A540?

Vari-Angles LCD - No issue for me.
4 AA-Cells instead of 2 - A issue for me ;)
Price Difference?

Anything else than these?

[.3.] What is the minimum shutter lag & in which mode for A540 & A610?

I hate it when there is a delay between pressing the shutter & taking of pic
as was with my older film camera. You just miss the impromptu moment that
happens within a fraction of a second. You are ready with the camera & click the
shutter just in time but due to the delay all you get is the photo captured after
that moment has passed. Grrrrr:evil:

[.4.] Which SD Flash Card is better for A540? And of minimum what speed?

I am thinking of going for a 1GB or 2GB card.

Thanks for your time guys!

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