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Hi there,

First of all thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully giving me some pointers on how to proceed.

I have read quite a few reviews on both camera's now and am slowly moving away from the olympus towards the canon. To clarify my motivations for making a pick between these two cameras a bit of background info. I'm looking for an allround camera to take with me to florida for a 3 week tour i will be packing an X drive so i will have atleast 40 GB, maybe up to 80 GB, storagespacein my backpack. picture wise the olympus c-750 meets my requirements. I would like to make some short movies though, thus the 770 and S1 IS enter the picture

The canon with it's cf I & cf II slots and microdrive offer a cheap and large amount of memory (hitachi 4GB) where as the olympus max is currently at 512MB xD. They promise bigger cards soon but the don't answer questions on when of how much it will cost

The olympus is the more expensive one with it's 4 MP vs Canons 3.2MP but how much will this effect my picture considering they both have 10x zoom and canon seems to have a better lens / stabilization.

I'd like to hear some user experiences and pointers. If you drag in different types of cameras please explain why they are the better choice as it is hard enough to weed through these endless amounts of cameras

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Old Jun 3, 2004, 12:23 AM   #2
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I cannot compare the two cameras you are debating on, but I have owned the Canon S1-IS for a couple of months, so here is my two cents on it:


- Movie mode is great, but can have trouble on moving subjects (possibly related to slow autofocus in general?)

- Menus are easy-to-navigate, even for a relative newbie like myself.

- Build quality is excellent.


- Autofocus is slow and often misses the mark completely, especially during rapid zooms.

- Lack of an optical viewfinder makes tracking moving subjects difficult.

- Indoor shots can get 'noisy' in a hurry.


If you plan to take mostly outdoor pix of stationary/slow-moving subjects, the S1 works well. If you enjoy sports photography and/or indoor events, I would look elsewhere for the price. Hope this helps.
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Old Jun 3, 2004, 12:49 AM   #3
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Thank you PhotoNub for your valuable input, really apreciated!
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Those are two of the cameras I looked at recently as well. I take it your looking for something with a bigger zoom ina compact size? I did a lot of research on the cameras listed in Steve's 'best camera' section for large zooms. I ended up going with the Panasonic FZ10.

I was always a big Canon fan and most of my film gear is Canon along with my printers. My last digital camera was a Canon S30 and it kind of soured me on the Canon name for a while. It was a fine camera but seemed to have inherent issues getting crisp focused pictures. Now I am no expert, and some will tell you there is nothing wrong with the S30, but look at a Canon forum and you will probably see different. Having 1 out of every 5 pictures end up out of focus even when you have focus lock is something I could not stand...although nothing suggest this issue is inherent in any other models.

I tried both the Canon and Olympus in the stores. The Canon has a nice feel to it although I could do without thecolor scheme. One thing that stood out right away though was the LCD 'freeze' while focusing. Not a big deal but long enough that it would become annoying for anyone trying to capture action photos or wanting to use the camera asahassle freepoint and click. I also noticed in the storethat the Canon struggled a bit more than my liking with autofocus in telephoto mode (probably just unsubstantiated fearsfrom the S30 and bad in store lighting but the others didn't have as much of an issue).

The S1 IS is also a 3MP camera so the only thing I would be gaining over the S30 would be zoom - which is the main thing I was looking for but the Olympus and Panasonic both had more attractive features. Another thing about the S1 that bothers me is it seems most of its limitations are self impossed by Canon to keep it from interfering with the rest of its digcam line. Not sure about the manual focus on the S1 but if it is anything like the S30 it is a horribleuncontrollable button or zoom dial - the Panasonic amazed me with a true focus ring on the lens barrel.

I was leaning heavily toward the Olumpus but for the life of me I just could not get a feel for it in my hands. It is a very small design though which maybe benificial to someone looking for a backpack cam with a big zoom. Overall I thought it excelled where the Canon didn't but in the long run I just could come to grips with it - literaly. At this point I had resigned myself to the fact I was not getting the Canon and would thus be buying a new set of non-CF 'film' cards.

So I looked at some others and finally decided to go with the Panasonic FZ10. It is shapped much like a SLR camera only a fraction smaller and a ton lighter. It's zoom is the most powerfull of the bunch as well. I was not looking for a family camera (I have an elf for that)so I am not really concerned it doesn't have a focus assist lamp. With any of these big zooms I think your going to be hard pressed trying to get low light photos that compare to a smaller zoom camera. The Panasonic and Olympus seem to have a better set of manual features than the Canon and overall I just like the feel of the Panasonic along with its burst modes, manual focus ring and options but if you are worried about something very compact with a big telephoto lens on it then the Olypus is probably they way to go. If a little size difference doesn't matter then I am saying not to overlook the Panasonic just because of the name (which I did at first). With its Leica 12x zoom @ 2.8 W or Tthis little gem probably has the best lens of the bunch.
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Old Jun 16, 2004, 12:10 AM   #5
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I had to make the same choice and today I bought the Canon S1 IS primarily due to the price, cf options (which you mentioned), image stabilization and, let's face it, the cool looks. I really wanted a digital Rebel, but didn't have $3000 to sink into doing it right!

I've posted a question regarding batteries/chargers, but just for your info, Amazon.com has a great deal on Viking compact flash cards (many sizes) right now.

Good luck! It's a hard, but ultimately a fun choice.
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Old Jun 22, 2004, 1:37 AM   #6
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I tested the Canon S1 IS and if you are looking for daylight/outdoor pictures I can recommend the Canon.
  • 3 mp is quite enough.[/*]
  • Ergonomics are good.[/*]
  • The lens cap is a joke - be sure to get a good bag for the cam![/*]
  • IS is great - 1/20 on max range is not a problem [/*]
  • AF works SLOW. If you enable continuous AF the Canon eats batteries like a child eats candy.[/*]
  • Battery use is heavy, I even called Canon customer support and they told me: yes - the cam uses a lot of power.
Now the real bad thing beside the heavy battery use:
  • AF in dim/low light. And I mean situations where you shoot at 1/30 at ISO 200 or so. At least "my" S1 IS couldnt get AF in such situations. Was terrible.[/*]
  • Slow AF combined with EVF freeze. Terrible for action shots or point-n-shoot.
Software is ok - the small USB port is a bit tricky if you plug in/out frequently.

If you plan on using microdrive the power usage becomes even worse.


I am now about to test the 770 and hope it fit's my needs more. Good luck.
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Old Jun 30, 2004, 6:23 PM   #7
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hello everyone!another option is the kodak dx6490.has anyone compared this cam to the others?i heard it has good low loght af,10x zoom but no IS.

check it out.
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Old Jul 1, 2004, 9:58 AM   #8
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Kodak has good colors and noise isnt bad what I've heard of. In other words it should take nice pictures. But usually it doesnt do so wellwith other cameras of its class, I mean it doesntwin or even get among 3 best in tests!For example video mode is weak (320x240 res), no match for canon in that. Olympus takes nice pictures and has 10xoptical , even 14xoptical If you are content with 1600x1200 res. Have read critic aboutKodak's user interface too. It has big LCD but not very good in brighter light. But it is quite cheap compared to some other cameras.

Maybe you should check out new Kyocera M410R , If you are ready to spend more money. This model looks promising, just hope it wont have any technical problems.. and they have to improve their support!

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