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hello, i am a very frustrated new comer to digital photography. I have recently purchased a casio z500. I wanted a pick up and shoot camera so i do not need to play about with manual settings to much.

The problem is that im very disappointed with my pictures taken once ive taken them to the processor. The pictures seem very dark, even though they have been taken in resonable light conditions, both in the park and indoors with the lights on and natural light coming though the windows.

does anyone have any idea how to remedy this problem. I realise that i havent played about to much with the settings, i've only used the best shot mode on this camera as that was the main reson for the purchase of this camera.
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So, you just take the camera or memory card straight to a commercial printer and have them printed? No editing in a computer beforehand?

Have you tried more than one printer to see whether you have the same problem?

Does the z500 have a built-in neutral density filter like the 550? If so, check to make sure that you haven't accidentally enabled it. That would make your shots darker. Also, check your menu or viewfinder info' and make sure that you haven't accidentally activated the exposure compensation function to a negative value. Make sure that this function is turned off, or set to zero.

Try shooting in "Auto" mode. Might help, might not.

If you still have dark pictures, try turning on the exposure compensation function and set it to a positive value -- maybe try "1" first. If that helps, you can experiment with the value to get the results you want. In my opinion, though, you shouldn't have to use the exposure compensation function all the time to get properly exposed shots. If you do, there might be something wrong with the camera.


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The exposure should be the same with a neutral density filter as without one unless you are down to max aperture and the lowest shutter the camera can generate. The camera adjusts the exposure to compensate for the filter. I think Casios have a neutral density filter built in but you have no control over it. Casio uses it internally to increase the limited f-stops.

I think granthagen's suggestion to check the EV shift is likely to be your solution. It is easy to hit one of the buttons. In the menu under the Rec tab you could set the L/R to "Off" so you don't accidentally shift the EV if you don't usually mess with the EV shift.

Under "Memory" in the Rec menu make sure "Exposure" is set to off.

I'm assuming your S500 works pretty much the same way as my Z750 for menu items.

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can you please post an example shot with the exif info stil attached to the file

must be a metering issue

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