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Default CCD vs. CMOS ??

What's the difference? If I look at the Nikon D100 it has a 23.7x15.6mm CCD with 6.1 effective megapixels while the Canon EOS-300D has a 22.7x15.1mm CMOS with 6.3 effective megapixels. Is one "better" then the other? Does it affect picture quality, detail, color, resolution, etc...
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Some say there is a difference in noise. But I don't remember which is supposed to be better. I think that at this stage engineering tricks make them still basically the same.

I could be wrong, though. Interesting question!

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These are two ways of arriving at similar end results. CCD cameras are more expensive to manufacture (sensors) and there are technical reasons why it's possible to get faster bursts on CCD's than on CMOS. CMOS has lower energy requirements and batteries usually last longer with all other factors being equal. CMOS is a little easier to control noise with. As far as end results are concerned, toss a coin.

My Canon EOS-1D and Kodak DCS-760 use a CCD while my Canon EOS-1DS, 10D and D30 use CMOS. All take beautiful images.

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