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Default Chargers and batteries for Oly c-4040

I have just bought an Olympus c-4040 and the instructions manual says I can only use Olympus charger and Nimh batteries. Otherwise I will damage the camera. I have ordered an Asmann charger which is very useful cos it can be used in different countries. It converts automatically to the electricity power of the country you plug it in. Will I cause any harm to the Oly using that? Is anyone familiar with the Ansmann charger?...Thanks to anyone who can help me.
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I doubt that you'll damage the camera by using the other charger. But if I'm not mistaken, the Oly charger will work in other conutries, you'd need an adapter for the plug, though.
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and if you do not use our ink.... About 50 of us using kodak bbatteries and chargers in Olympus cams. Only watch oout for department store A/C adaptors which I think are useless if you have rechargeable batteries and card reader. Charge im up and good shooting, try to use 1700+ mA ratted batteries when buying new ones.
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I just have an Energizer overnight charger that cost 10.00 and 5 sets of batteries--Rayovac and Everready. No problem. I did buy an Olympus AC ADAPTER for my C3000, though. It doesn't cost much, and there is no reason to take a chance.
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Laura, I would highly recommend 1800 milliamp batteries. They're wonderful.
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If you get a total of three sets of good (1800maH) NiMH batteries, you won't need an AC adapter at all. I would recommend the Powerex 1800's and the Maha C204F charger from Thomas Distributing. The good advice given you above is correct, you can use any charger designed for NimH batteries. My only advice on this point is that you should not use a NiCad charger, which was not designed to recharge NiMH batteries. I'm sorry, I am not familiar with the Ansmann

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