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Default Choosing a vendor

I have been looking at the vendor assessments. I do not normally buy expensive products over the net so I am a bit intimidated.

I live in New York and would prefer to buy out of state. In looking at the reviews that users have entered there seem to be a significant number of horror stories for practically all the vendors listed. Since I will be using a credit card, I am assuming that I have some protection.

I would welcome advise as to how to assess vendors.
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I would use www.resellerratings.com

It's a pity you want to go out-of-state because one of the best (well, I'd say "the best", but I haven't directly dealt with them yet) is in New York City. www.bhphoto.com is the largest seller of video and photo equipment in the entire country.

www.adorama.com is supposed to be fairly good (I've heard a few complaints, but very few) but they might be in NY as well.

www.calumetphoto.com is good and has lots of stores, but they have one in NY. I don't know if because they have a store presence in your state if that means they'll charge you sales tax (even if you deal with an out-of-state store... I think it does.)

Sounds like I can't help you to avoid sales tax.

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Try www.newegg.com and www.samys.com -- both California based, reputable, good prices.
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So true. newegg doesn't cary a lot of camera stuff, but they are a good company. Actually, I just took a look and it seems they've expanded their camera offerings. Not a bad list.

Amost all of the computer I'm typing this on came from there. One of the many things I like about them is that they don't seem to lie about something being in stock. I bet their inventory system is tied into their web page. If it says it's in, I've always been able to get it.

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