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Hey all,

I just bought my Canon Digital Rebel XT a few days ago. While checking the focus yesterday, I noticed a small hair on the left side of the viewfinder and a small piece of fuzz on the right side. I promptly went out and bought a blower brush (along with a bag). My question is, what is the best way to get the stuff off my viewfinder? I tried gently using the brush, and that got it off okay, but also left some slight residue on the viewfinder. It seems I cannot get it all off perfectly. It's not affecting my photos at all, but is really driving me nuts. Please offer any input you can.


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Dust in the viewfinder is unavoidable. It happened in film slrs, and it happens in DSLR's. It doesn't affect image quality, and is more trouble than its worth to try to remove.
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If it's on the outside of the viewfinder, you can clean the viewfinder similarily to cleaning your lens surface.

Just dob a little lens cleaning solution on it, then lightly wipe off with a special lens cloth or lens tissue.

If it's inside the viewfinder, you could probably shake your camera gently and the stuff will fall somewhere safe that won't be in your line of sight.
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