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tokakte Nov 26, 2004 1:40 AM

Hello, my new friends,

I'm very new to digital photography, so I'd like to ask if anyone can advise as to the optimal camera settings (Nikon 5000) for coin photography in macro mode, and the most suitable distance between the coin and the lens?




JimC Nov 26, 2004 6:47 AM

With Nikon models, when you're in macro mode (flower icon), this icon will change colorwhen you zoom into the macro "sweet spot" (at around half zoom on most models). When you're at this point, you should be able to fill the frame with an object around 1 inch (25mm) across. However, if you use a slightly further focus distance, you'll probably have a bit sharper photo in the corners.

Stopping down the Aperture (high f/stop number) in Aperture Priority Mode will also improve depth of field, and allow sharper edges at a closer distance. However, this will also require longer shutter speeds (mandating the use of a tripod, even with mostvery good external lighting),and may not make much difference if you have the camera lens relatively parallel to the coin.

You'llwant to use good external lighting. Also, depending on your shutter speeds with the lighting you use (they'll probably be slower than you think indoors -- even with relatively direct light), you may want/need to use a tripod to help prevent motion blur from camera shake. Using BSS (Best Shot Selector) can also help a lot, which allows you to hold down the shutter button while the camera takes multiple photos in quick succession. When you release the shutter button, the camera will automatically save the sharpest photo. I've used this feature on Nikon Models in the past to get sharper hand held photos when using a tripod wasn't practical. Flash must be disabled to useBSS.

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