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Default Computer Printer vs Photo Printer

Hi Everyone

After reading this website for the last several weeks I've purchase my first digital camera (a Canon Powershot S30). So many good cameras, so little money. This site helped me make a very tough decision.

Iím still charging up the battery when I started wondering if I need to purchase a photo printer. I have a printer that I has great high resolution printing (an HP G55) but am wondering if a photo printer offers an even better improved resolution or more convenience to justify having them in addition to a computer printer. Are they better than a high quality computer printer or will they save me money? Thanks for your advice and to Steve for a great website.
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Another alternative is having someone like Wal-mart do your prints. Unless you do a lot of printing, that is likely to be better and cheaper once you figure in the cost of all the trial prints you throw away.

Try your current printer - one key point is getting the right paper.
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My sister uses Walmart to print pictures I send her via a CD. They charge about 27 cents a pic. Bill is right on target about buying the correct paper. I like Kodak or HP paper. The HP G55 will print 2400X1200 in the Photo printing mode. This quality will print good pics. The fun part of digital cameras is shoot, edit, and print just the photos you want.
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Bill is right. For a large numbers of prints, the Fuji mini photo labs, which the likes of Walmart (Asda in UK) have, can produce 'real feel' silver halide photo prints at 300dpi from image files (using laser scanning) which last and are cost effective!

However, a good pc printer and heavy glossy printer is great for a few prints you need to run off 'the morning after'!
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Default Agree, But Note

8) While you're learning and saving up, you may want to try your present printer with a heavyweight paper. A secretary at my office gets decent 4x6 prints using our regular color printer and heavy paper.

It won't match a photoprinter, but she makes album pages that look darned good for her purposes.

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Default Which is better, computer printer or computer photo printer?

I haven't used a photo printer before, but I am quite pleased with the output of my Epson C80 printer. I use Kodak glossy photo paper and 720 dpi printing puts out a full page in about 3 minutes that most folks can't tell from a photo processed at a shop. It takes 6 minutes for 1440, and 13 minutes for 2880. The middle quality photo and above are in my opinion as good as photos processed at a shop. It's ink is advertised to last 70 years without fading.

My question is, how does this compare to photos output with a photo printer?
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it comes down to color gradations. with a 6 color printer color variations are more subtle and smoother. there is a wider tonal range. this will vary in the subjects you photograph. it will be more apparent in some than others.

if you were to scan a chrome(slide) and attempted to print it you would see tonal differences more easily between the original and the print. then trying to adjust would be a bit more challenging for a 4 color unit then a 6.
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