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I am keen to purchase a digital camera and over the past weeks have read various reviews and spoken to a number of shop keepers about what camera to buy.
However I am still quite unsure as to what to buy as my findings often conflict
I think I have decided upon one of two cameras, although why I have chosen these I am not 100% sure.
At present I am torn between the Canon A80 and the Fuji 5000S
What draws me towards the 5000S is the 10 x optical zoom.
Also I am told that although it is only a 3 mega pixel camera it is actually equal to a six mega pixel due to the shape of the pixels
Questions: Do I really need that much zoom or is 3 x optical more than adequate?
and am I been sold up the river by this claim of it being the equivalent to a 6 mega pixel camera?
What draws me towards the A80 is the guaranteed 4 mega pixels

I would like a camera that will give me high quality pictures up to about 8" x 10" (occasionally A4 Size)

Also after getting used to taking pictures for a while on auto I would like to have the option to take more control

and experiment

How do the results of these cameras compare. Are they good cameras?

Can someone help me decide? What should I chose? Which one will give me what I am after?



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First I want to note that im no pro.

I have 2 digi cameras (well 3 but my logitech pocket cam is a toy realy).

My old camera has 8x optical zoom, and that is great. It "only" has 1.3mp and is rather big, so I bought a very small camera with 3x optical zoom.

After being used to 8x optical zoom, the 3x zoom seems a toy I think the old camera takes beter pictures even if the new one has 5mp.

If I only had 1 camera I would sacrifiace size for zoom, as there is no small pocket size cameras with agood optical zoom.

It seems to mee thatfull 8x optical zoom looks like 1:1 size. What I try to say with my horrible english, is that the object seems as big in the camera as in real life.

A 3x zoom will still result in a picture that is smaller than real life.

What this means is that one has to get very close to the object with the 3x optical zoom. This makes the subject aware of me takeing a photo, and that makes it more dificult to get a natural photo. Still the 3x optical zoom is beter than no zoom, as one can "crop" the picture.

This picture is of my little girs from about about 30meters without zoom and with 8x zoom.

So I think you should make some test with the zoom, it might be a important factor.

Attached Images
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Old Jun 7, 2004, 9:13 PM   #3
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Hi Ingar,

I think the A80 is a great camera but I also agree with Stone in that the extra zoom range is quite useful.
(candid shots of your kids, getting close to the action in a sports event, nature photography, getting close to that facial expression in discrete way, and so on...)
It is also better to have a 10x zoom than adding a teleconverter later to your 3x zoom.

Having recently purchased a 10x zoom Kodak DX6490 and having researched 10x zoom cameras, let me tell you that the Fuji S5000 is only 3 MPix and that the 6 Mpix are interpolated, which can be done in software very easily to any picture from any camera. Other often mentionned weaknesses are that it has a minimum ISO of 200 (= noisy pictures) and that jpeg compression is agressive. If you intend to take long exposure night shots I believe that the longest exposure is only 2 sec also. I don´t mean to put down the camera, I just think you be aware of its weaknesses. There are a variety of good review sites you should check (this one isn´t the best one IMHO). For comprehensive one page reviews check DCResource:
Another good site for reviews is:
Besides the obvious image quality requirement, I would also pay attention to low light performance (eg indoors or night shots): does the camera focus well in low light? does the evf remain usable? can you take long exposures and are they noisy? The Kodak DX6490 is quite good in this department plus has excellent picture quality, which is why I bought it.
Also, all 10x zoom digicams have manual controls on top of the program and scene modes.
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Old Jun 8, 2004, 2:10 AM   #4
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Hi Ingar

I have a Fuji S5000 and it will produce A4 prints with no problems, you don't need to use the 6mp mode either. 3.1mp works just fine. The 6mp is interpolated and doesn't give any extra info.

The problem with the Fuji is the level of compression on the jpegs which gives some artifacts and it can be quite noisy. but don't let that put you off. Just use neatimage software or Helicon noise filter and the pics come out just fine.

I can't say for the canon A80 but I have seen reviews which rate this camera but you will have more fun with a 10X zoom. The colour from the Fuji is also very punchy giving good lively images. I'm not bias to the fuji by the way. I also have a Canon 300D. The Fujis Full Auto is actually better than the canon when using the built in flash. The image resolution isn't though.

If you want to see lots of examples of the fuji s5000 pics goto www.s5000.net and go to the forums there. Loads of pics to see.

hope this helps


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Old Jun 15, 2004, 9:26 AM   #5
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I tested the Fuji F700 with the same image sensor the 5000S has. Good 3mp pictures, 6mp not really useful. High compression and only ISO 200 along with some other things were enough to give it back...

If you look for image quality look for good lens (optical lens quality), good optical zoom (with image stabilizer if available) and ISO 50 setting along with low JPEG compression rates.

I can't say there's a must for big zoom, even a 3xZoom is more than what you got 5-10 years ago in a non-digital SLR (my Minolta Dynax 500si has 35..70 mm) but it is definitely NICE. Tested the Canon S1 IS (10xoptical Zoom, Image stabilizer) and its fantastic. Has very bad AF in low light though

A80 was recommended bya Canon support guy for battery life time, but to be honest the S60 looks better to me.

Good luck!
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Old Jun 24, 2004, 2:11 AM   #6
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I would just like to let you know that most people can not hand-hold a 10x zoom image. Chances are, you will see that you don't need the 10x zoom and that the size is intrusive. The Super CCD HR, which is in the S5000, is a cool idea, but like you said, the camera uses built-in firm ware to make "fake" data. The CCD imager actually "sees" 3MP of information, but it then produces more pixels by simply adding them inbetween other "real" pixels. 4MP is definately good enough for 8x10, and if I am right in assuming A4 is 8x12 or 8x14, that should be good, too. I just bought an A80 and am waiting patiently for it to arrive, but I see that the S5000 is about $380 USD on Amazon.com, and my A80 was only $270 USD. You may like to know that the A80 has the ability to add lens attachments using the barrel adapter here. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0000UXH4G/ref=pd_ts_p_12/002-3928663-1044061?v=glance&s=photo&n=499248

This adapter makes it possible to use Canon lenses specifically for their Powershot line or any other 52mm lens. There is also a 37mm lens adapter somewhere, but I don't know who makes it... I hope I helped. If you have any questions, email me at [email protected]

Good Luck!
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Old Jun 25, 2004, 9:37 AM   #7
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The S5000s level of compression does have an effect on overall photo quality. It is ok, but not among the best of the 3 megapixel cameras out there. As someone else has stated, a 10X zoom does someone no good if you can only use it in bright sunlight or get blurry "motion blur" effects. Without "image stabilization", many people will not be able to hold a 10X zoom steady enough to get pin-sharp images unless you're outdoors on a bright sunny day.

The A80 takes better photos, and give you more options for image quality/compression in it's menu system. It takes better quality images on top of that.

If you do want a bigger zoom (yes, they ARE useful), consider looking around for a sale on a Canon S1 IS camera. It is a 3 megapixel camera, but has an image stabilized 10X zoom with a swivel LCD as well. If you look around you can find it at a decent price. Buydig.com is a discount site that has a decent reputation. Here is a link to the buydig area for that camera, but look around your area as well - a retail store might have it on sale, too:



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But one doesn't have to use the 10 zoom. You could use the 6 or 7 or 8. Is it possible to use it than without getting a blury pcture?

Till what zoom can most people take pics without a tripod?


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Old Jun 25, 2004, 11:16 AM   #9
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hmm another camera you might want to consider if your interested ingood optical zoomis the Fuji S3000 http://www.steves-digicams.com/2003_...uji_s3000.html. My brother has it and its been great. Like the S5000 its a 3.2 MP camera.Its very similiar to the S5000 but has 6X optical Zoom instead of 10X. You still can get really Great Zoom images but since at max 10X chances are the camera would not be steady anyways the S3000 may be the better choice. Plus you would saveover $100. I think the S3000 might bethe best Priced 3.2 MP 6X Optical zoom camera on the market you can get it at Amazon for under $250.
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I am waiting for the revieuws of the pentax optio mx to be released soon.

It has a 10 x zoom.

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