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Rbrewer1986 Apr 23, 2011 2:53 PM

Cr2 images won't load. Tried everything.
I have looked all over the internet and everything points me to the same resolution that doesn't work. I recently bought a Canon EOS Rebel T3 and I have a Windows 7 PC with Photoshop CS4, and a Mac with Photoshop CS5.

I managed to load a CR2 image one time, and have no idea how I did it. But here ever since neither computer will load them, it says it doesn't understand the file type. I have tried updating to the latest ACR, I have re-installed Photoshop, and nothing works at all. Somebody please help I'm losing my mind!

JimC Apr 23, 2011 3:06 PM

The latest version of Adobe Camera Raw (6.3) does not support the T3 yet.

But, it looks like they've added support for the T3 in ACR 6.4 (currently in Release Candidate Status, so it shouldn't be long before it's released). You can get it from Adobe Labs:

But, note that 6.x versions of Camera Raw will not work with versions of Photoshop earlier than CS5. So, you'd either need to upgrade your Windows PC to CS 5.x if you want direct support of the files by ACR, , or you'd need to convert them from .cr2 to .dng format using the free Adobe DNG Converter first so that CS4 can work with them.

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