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Default Delay (autofocus/flash) - Canon A40

Hi, I am new to forums, photography, and parenthood (4 months). I just bought a Canon A40 yesterday. It seems to take a long time to focus when the flash is on. Since my goal is to capture the baby when he smiles, delay is a problem.

Is there a camera that has less delay or is this a autofocus/flash issure in general....

I wanted to stay arount $300 but would go up for the right solution.

Any advice is appreciated.... Christmas is coming fast! Thanks...
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All point-n-shoot digitals have a delay from pressing button to actually taking the picture. The delay can be reduced by about 1/2 by pre-focusing and holding pre-focus setting (holding button halfway down) until the moment 'almost' arrives (fraction of a second before). I don't know of any 'instantaneous' shutter/flash combo. Even human reflex is about 1/5 second, so you can't capture things that just happened. Babies' smiles are very fleeting, 'cause you can't say 'cheese' and expect them to hold it as adults do. The trick with digital is to keep shooting until you capture one, deleting the failed shots later. Recently I took 47 pictures of a baby in 15 minutes to get exactly the right expression.
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I think his problem might also be compounded by the much longer flash re-cycle time. Might be better to move baby near a window and shoot daylight using the pre-focus tricks, rather than testing baby's photo-epileptic response to multiple flash bursts!
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