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I'd just get used to leaving a little extra room in the viewfinder and crop later. I don't think you'd get acceptable results, trying to mask off part of the image using tape, etc.--- even if you could get it on in such a way that no light made it through the taped area.

You'd probably impact the optical performance of the lens, even if you could get it to work without the tape edges being noticeable (which is doubtful to me, even though they would be out of focus -- remember that the image will be magnified to 8x10" viewing size).

I'm also wondering if you'd get fringing around the edges, too. Or, for that matter, if the image circle would even be projected properly trying it. Even if it worked, how would shadows from light hitting these taped or inked over areas impact image quality?

I don't know enough about optics to be dangerous, so perhaps others will respond.

Of course, I guess it wouldn't hurt to try it. It's your time. But cropping is so simple that it hardly seems worth the effort, when you can just get used to not framing your subject in the viewfinder quite as tight (leave a little space for cropping when shooting).

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You are probably corect. This did seem like a lot of work. I wish they made filters just for this purpose so that they ended up more like hash marks in a rifle scope. I will try working on just doing this by eye. I will have to put my zoom lens away for a while. I am going to start shooting portraits with the 50 1.8 as soon as it gets here this will give me a lot more room to work with. Hopely I won't loose my new found sharpness from cropping. The shot below was done using the the 18-55 @18MM RAW. If I tried to crop this to fit 8x10 I would have to chop off important parts of the picture.
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