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Default Digatal Camera for a person for a disabled person.


I am wanting to purchase my first digital still camera. (No I’m not going to ask what’s the best digital camera for a beginner) Although this is my first digital camera, I am quite familiar with the technology behind them, as I work for the computer vision division of my company.

I have a coordination disability that affects my hand dexterity. To give you an idea of what I mean, I can type and use the TV remote with no problems, but I find a modern mobile phone, with it’s tiny buttons and small physical size, very difficult to use.

In general I am looking for the following in a camera: 1) 3+ Mega Pixel, 2) 3X to 4X optical zoom. Don’t care to much about digital zoom. Also I don’t see an optical zoom of more than 3X to 4X as being not very useful due to the fact that my hands are not steady enough to avoid shaking to much for this. 3) Good images, ie good optics and CCD Technology, dynamic range etc etc.. 4)Good price.

Perhaps the most important thing for me is the question of ergonomics. Is the camera a comfortable size for my big hands and fingers? Is the camera reasonably robust? E.g. is there a good hinge on the. USB Port, and memory card, or battery flap. Also the questions of button positions, Are they big enough? Are they well spaced? Are the zoom buttons and trigger button easy for me to get too when I take a photo.

Can anybody suggest a digital camera for me to look at, which, may suit my needs. Ultimately I will need to actually hold the camera, but this may point me in the right direction.

Thanks for your help.

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You might consider one of the older and larger cameras with a big stabilized zoom. Three of them share the same lens and it's a powerhouse. The stabilizer might be something you would find useful. All three are out of production but can be found refurbished or used if you look around...

Olympus RS100... shoots an amazing 15 frames a second. Low resolution (about 1.5 MP, I think).

Olympus 2100 UZ... A two MP camera with a nearly fanatic following. Often caled the "Uzi"

Canon Pro90... 2.6 MP with a lot of features including an articulated LCD and all the control available as well as a hot shoe for an external flash.
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I'd have a look at the Fuji 3800. It's big and chunky. As for controls they're all much of a muchness. You would be better off paying a visit to your camera shop and having a go.
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steve6 is correct, go to a store and handle them. Most of the big chain stores here (I'm near Boston) will let you hold them. If you go to a camera store (like Ritz Camera) they might even be able to help you pick a model because of their experience at selling only photography related equipment.

I was going to suggest image stabilized cameras as well. This feature seemed to go out of style for awhile (don't know why) but has come back. I believe there are several new cameras with the feature which came out in the last 6 months or so. This has come up before, I'd search around either the forums or steve's review site. A quick search I just did turned up:

Sony MVC-FD95 (3 years old, 2.1MP)
Sony MVC-FD97 (2 years old, 2.11MP)
Olympus Camedia E-100 (3 years old, 4.01MP)

(The the onces which Wildman listed)

But there are more recent ones too.

As for you need for larger buttons. Good luck. Smaller is the rage lately.
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The C-2100 is so easy to use that even my 10-year old daughter has no problems taking "shake free" pictures with it, thanks to image stabilization. It may make a difference in your case. It's the same size as an old SLR, but MUCH lighter! And, don't overlook the advantage that a 10x zoom lens will give you in not having to move closer to your subject to frame your shot.
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