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Default digicam AND a 35mm SLR?

Like a number of the people posting in this section, I've been tormented over choosing between the handful of digicams that made it thru a screening process. Currently, I'm considering:

1. Canon PowerShot G3 (yes, still)
2. Oly C750 (will look at reviews when it comes out) [new edition to my list]
3. Oly 5050 (back on the list but would prefer at least a 4x optical)
4. Nikon CP 5700 (at the back of the list now, but still lurking in the bkgd)

For the most part, I would shoot cars (in daylight and indoor auto show settings), some scenery, outings (vacations, infamous New Year parties, etc...), and sports.

The problem I'm running into regards the sports shooting. From what I gather, all (well...most...to be safe) digicams would suffer in this category just as they would in low-light situations. Since the Nikon CP 5700 is now at the bottom of my list (price and seemingly a little sluggish) would I be better off sticking with one of the other three digicams I'm considering and putting the price difference into a decently priced, beginner/intermediate 35mm SLR (looking at Canon EOS Rebel 2000/EOS 300)?

Back to digicams, key features would be zoom (Oly C750 has'em all beat), 4 or 5 Mp, AF assist (Oly C750 loses here), ergonomics (prefer the less rectangular bodies of the Oly 5050 and Nikon 5700, but the G3 doesn't feel overly awkward), hotshoe, good usable ISO range, and of course picture quality. Regarding the Oly 5050 and Canon G3, it's a tough call. I do like the better zoom and nice 270-degree swivel LCD on the G3 but the plastic on the body worries me. I've seen the hinged part of the LCD crack. I just like that I can flip-over the LCD to protect it, I guess.
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