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Do you have any suggestions on what camera is good for birding? Yes my wife and i can wait for a time. what about this one?


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I am looking into the Kyocera M410R now which seems quiet good!

Long zzom and no shutterlag.

Good luck!

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Well, it does have the long lens that is a necessity for birding. It is small, light, portable, but lacks many features such as manual.

Have you given any thought to buying a DSLR? I can highly recommend a Canon Digital Rebel. It might be a little more then the Panasonic, but you can buy a larger lens later down the road.

In fact, you can even buy a very cheap manual focus500mm f8 mirror lens that turns into an f8 800mm manual lens via T-mount, for very little money. I did this, and was pleasantly surprised at the quality I got. True, the photos are soft, but then they come alive with a little post processing.

Or you can buy a more expensive but very reasonably priced f4.5-5.6 Canon 100-300mm lens which turns into a 160mm to 480mm zoom lens on the Digital Rebel. I have this lens as well, and would highly recommend it. I am staying away from L glass because frankly I don't need it, and its way too expensive for a hobbyist. I just can't justify the price for the performance. But that is a choice that is open to you as well.....

You see, most DSLRs, due to the sensor being smaller then a 35mm frame, have a cropping factor. The Digital Rebel (D300 in Europe, Kiss in Japan), crops all lenses at 1.6, so you get to multiply any lens by 1.6....perfect for birders trying to get that longer reach.

You also get sport mode, which is very good at tracking flying birds using the 7 focus points. I tried this, and could not believe how well it works. Something worth considering. Likewise, Nikon makes the D70, which is more expensive, but a viable choice as well....

Just my 2 cents worth.
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The FZ10 you linked is the best birding camera you can get in your price range IMO. It will give you 420mm equivalent at f2.8 stabilized with 4Mp.

Birds have a bad habit of sitting in trees where they aren't in bright sunlight. You need the best f stop you can get and stabilization to get the shot without a tripod if you want a long telephoto lens.

I don't think the FZ10 is the best all-round family camera on the market, but it can't be beat for birding short of a DSLR with some very expensive lenses.
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