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Default With Digital cameras, what do you call trigger to capture ?

I'm certainly a newbie to this forum, but not really to photography BUT, I wanted to know if there has been a "term" coined to the time that you depress the shutter to when the picture is actually captured by the CCD ? I know my OLD CoolPix 950 is really slow... And my next digital will have the least reasonable delay for the $$$$ but I don't know what to look for in Datasheets/reviews... Doesn't seem like this is mentioned much (but for me, an old film shooter, it's troublesome)...

Thanks to any and all who respond...

Pardon me if this has been covered over and over... just couldn't find it in the search.

Gary M
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The term is "shutter lag". And in most of the lower end (not cheap) digicams the shutter lag is long. Too long, in my opinion. I think its something that reviewer should take more seriously, and complain about.

Unfortunately, to get the same low shutter lag that a 35mm camera has you have to step up to a digital SLR. But that certainly isn't cheap.

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“Shutter lag” is the term you are looking for.

Imaging Resource has a page like this on every camera they review. Notice the difference between shutter lag when you just push the button and the lag when you pre-focus by half depressing the shutter button. Most manufacturers recommend that you pre-focus as your normal shooting mode. The S4 is particularly fast with pre-focus but it isn’t uncommon to find cameras that are a tenth of a second. http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/OPTS4/S4DATA.HTM

If there isn’t a separate page for timing it is under “picky details”.

Narrow down your choices based on features, size and price – then consult the timing pages. http://www.imaging-resource.com/MFR1.HTM
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Hi, just to echo everyone's comments, I too, had problems with shutter lag. I have 2 very young boys and I couldn't take pics fast enough! I did recently get a dSLR and it is much better. I never did try any of the camera in the $500-$700 price range, though. I'm wondering if they would be any better. Anyone out there know? What about the G5?

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I have a canon G3, price ranging around AUD1000-1200 (wild guessing USD$800-900??)

anyway, the shutter lag on that is quite average, with continuous mode i can shoot roughly about 1 shot per second. But its dreadful when it comes to fast action ( i tried to take a continous shot of a golf swing, and could only capture about 4-5 shots before the swing was over)

its ok in terms for shutter lag. Really depends what you are planning to capture, if fast moving children/animals/cars, then go with a DSLR
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Gary highlighted another problem I believe doesn't get addressed often - how was he to know what he would have to search for if he didn't know the term used to describe it?

Like dictionaries are purposeless IMHO.

Yes, shutter lag is a big issue in digital cameras, and it's something you'll either have to learn to anticipate with action shots or throw money at (DSLR).
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