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Default digital Zoom

Hi got a Digi cam that has 3X optical and 4X digital. is there any use at all in taking a pic with digital zoom? I know that optical is best, but should I use the digital zoom, or just take the pic and use my imaging S/W to zoom in digitally?

overview, should I use the digital zoom on my camera if I need to or take all pics with optical and then zoom then in on S/W if needed?

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take your pics with optical zoom and zoom in digitally with s/w afterwards if you want to.

photos taken with digital zoom don't look very 'good'.
There's no difference between zooming in with software afterwards or taking the photo with digital zoom.
the only difference is, that the cam takes the part you digitally zoomed in. that's why the digtal zoomed pictures look 'pixelated'
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It depends on your camera and the quality of the interpolation software used.

With some digicams such as the Sony DSC-F707/F717, the digital zoom actually works quite well and is at least as good if not better than what you would get by cropping a lesser focal length and interpolating with software. With the majority of digicams, you would be better off by using only the optical zoom then doing a crop and interpolation with software to get the optimal quality.

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It depends also on what you want to do with the image. If you want to print it (I know, not so good quality) then you will probably need to use the camera's digital zoom which will give you the largest image size.

If it will be for on-screen viewing (such as e-mail or a web site), you could probably take the picture using the optical zoom and then crop from the resulting image at its original size. You probably won't even need to zoom in your PC. Depends on what you want to do, of course.

I have done the latter, open the image in an image editor and crop whatever I want from the image in its native size. Some times it is amazing the things you start seeing in your pictures when you see them on the screen at their original size.
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If you are looking for photo quality, I'd stay away from digital zoom. If, on the other hand, you need to identify the license plate of a car in the distance, then on this or some similar rare occasion would I find digital zoom useful.
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