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Default Discount Prices

I've found great prices for digital cameras at Broadway Photo bwayphoto.com. So good I'm wondering if they are offering Gray Market Products. Does anyone have experience with this co?
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Default Broadway Photo


I have seen quite a few posts on this, they all recommend checking the resellers ratings.

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Take a look at their ratings. I would stay away! They may or may not be selling gray but they'll try to sell other accessories to you to make back the profit. If you don't agree, they'll take their time shipping you the stuff or claims it's "out of stock".

With such an expensive and delicate purchase, stick with a reputable place and pay a little more. It's not worth the aggrevation.
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I hate to be the one to say it but ... With my experience and those of my readers I'd have to say that there's probably only one reputable dealer in the entire NY state area and that's B&H Photo Video. (Don't care to get into any arguments with anyone about other merchants, this is -my- opinion.)

Seems as if 95% of the rip-off artists of the digicam world are operating out of the NY area (big surprise huh?). These guys always have the lowest (rediculously low in most cases) prices of all vendors listed at those price comparison sites -- they also have the most complaints logged at <a href="http://www.resellerratings.com/index.html">resellerratings.com</a> and other consumer advocate type web sites.

No matter how much you think that you'll save it hardly ever equals the grief and frustration of dealing with these crooks. They always say it's in stock when you order it and "of course it's an authorized U.S. model with full warranty." Gray market selling is a very big problem these days. Gray market is selling product here that was designed for another region (Europe, S America, Japan etc.). 99% of the time these products have no U.S. warranty protection whatsoever and will have to be sent back to Japan for repairs. Your credit card gets charged whether the item ships or not. Then you play hide and seek on the phone with them because they won't answer email and the 1-800 number is for orders only. And the guy you bought it from "no longer works here." Sound familiar?

If all this is true then how can they possibly sell the same item that a truly authorized dealer sells but for hundreds of dollars less? Most reputable dealers are only making 10 or 15 points at retail.

Internet buying rule #1 - if it looks too good to be true -- it is !

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I would add adorama in too. but in most cases your right. in nyc you feel like your in a midst of baracuda. for the nyc unknowing it can be deadly.
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B&H all the way, anybody that will send you a catalog that good is definately really in the business. Top notch folks, the ma and pa of photo stores.
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i started going to B&H when i was about 20 and they where a storefront down on warren st in lower manhatten. i hit 46 yesterday and they own/lease the entire block of 9th av between 33rd and 34th st.

some of the people working there have been there since warren st 20 years. most of the shops in nyc have come an gone. they don't "turn over " the staff every few months like a lot of retail shops do.
admittedly it has lost some of its personal touch from the old days due to its growth but i'll keep going back. it is consistant supplier of quality products.
if you get to nyc go there. its a playground for camera people. hold on to your wallet though, you'll always find something to buy there.

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Thank you, Steve. I've felt a little guilty about always recommending B&H. But, I've been buying photo gear for over 30 years, and I would not buy from anyone else unless a local merchant I liked could come close to the price.
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