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Why was my thread closed? One offering advice on the purchase of a replacement camera that was robbed from my house on Christmas Eve, along with everything else we own.

Not to mention the immense amount of moral support and humanity I was being offered by the members here to help me through this.

What up with that? Not cool. Many of you have taken me under your wing, will you please direct me me a nicer board?

One that has many of the same members that are here would be great! I liked it here. But wont be back, so if you know of me, please email me a board addy to [email protected] so I can keep pushing forward!

Nice to meet you all. Im out.

JimC... you shouldnt be mean to girls that dont choose to email you back and forth privately. Thats so childish. Im not here looking for a man punkin, Im here to learn how to use a camera.

I'll pray for you dude. For real.
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I believe your thread was closed because it strayed so far from anything related to digital photography, it should have been posted on a "Help I've been robbed" Forum.

You can complain all you want, but if that's all you're going to do, then do it elsewhere. Merely implying that a married man is emailing you for fun is good enough for me to have you banned. You reap what you sow.....
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Mikaela wrote:
JimC... you shouldnt be mean to girls that dont choose to email you back and forth privately.
That thread was closed for good reason, which I've just now sent you a PM about. If you can't keep your language clean in our forums, and stick to discussing photography, then don't post here at all.

As for e-mail, none was sent, and I think Kalypso has a good point about a ban, given your behavior and accusations.

Cool off and Grow up.

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