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Default Do I need a 2meg or 3meg camera

I plan to take pictures mostly in 1024 x 768 mode. Picture quality is important than size as I don't plan to print pictures larger than 5X7. Should I get a 2 meg or 3 meg camera. Currently I am thinking about the Nikon 2500 or 3500.

Forgot to mentioned: I do most of pictures taking indoor/low light situation. Would Nikon be a good choice for my purpose - if not, can someone recommend a camera that will take nice pictures in low light situation. Thanks.
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I don't think you quite understand resolution. If you plan to use "1024 x 768 mode" then you are shooting at 1 Megapixel. It wouldn't matter if you had a 2 OR 3 Megapixel. Your question is like asking "Would a Porsche or Ferrari be better at 40 Miles per hour?". Picture quality is directly related to resolution and the size of the print. If you want a certain size print, say 4X6, your software that you use to edit/print will determine the output size. You can print any resolution at any size, but the lower the resolution the worse the print will look to a certain degree.

If you plan to print "5X7 or less" either a 2 or 3 Megapixel will work fine. But don't set the camera resolution to 1024 X 768, it will only make your camera take pictures at 1 megapixel resolution.

I would suggest you read up on digital photography basics before you make a purchase. Here's a link to a site you will find helpful: www.shortcourses.com
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Default comment

I would suggest a 3 or 4 megapixel camera. If you can afford an extra $200 look at the Nikon CoolPix 4500. At Dbuys.com you can get it for $506.00 but dont buy the overpriced accessories.

here is a article about resolution so you can understand the importance of resolution to printing.


Understand that the higher megapixel camera you buy, the better
quality of your printed images.

You should have some photo editing software as well. This will allow
you to increase your pixels by adding pixels based on the values of the nearby pixels. This will degrade the image and you can only go so far with this until your image is not worth printing.

Some good photo software that is great for printing is Qimage Pro.
There is a learning curve on it but it works great.


check out the demo.

Good Luck with the camera you buy!

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If you are really sure that you won't want to use more than effectively a 1Mp camera, ignore Mpixels and look for what features the camera has.

Low light can be difficult for digicams, most cannot shoot with an effective ISO much over 200. Do not accept a statement that a camera has an ISO of (e.g.) 800 without looking at the detailed reviews to see how much noise there is in those pictures. Many are pretty much unusable at their highest ISO.

If you figure on using flash in low light situations, you will really want a camera that can use an external flash unit. The built-in flash in all cameras (digital and chemical) are junk - some worse than others, but none good. To fit in the camera they must be close to the lens (red-eye) and small (glare).

You are likely to find that the camera that has the low light features you want will be at least 3Mpixels.
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Default Thank you all for your comments

Sounds line I will have do more learning before getting a digital camera.
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