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How can you increase the deep of field on a picture???

My camera is a dx6490 soI can't buy expensive lenses for it

Thank you

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There are only two ways that I can think of.
Increase the f-stop (reduce the aperture.) Note that this will reduce the shutter speed, which can effect sharpness due to camera shake.

Move further away from the subject. Increasing the aperture will obviously do a better job of increasing the DOF, but moving away will help.


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Depth of field (DOF) can be increased by decreasing aperture size (increasing the F-stop number). For example, take a picture at F2.8, then (using aperture priority) take the same picture at F8, and compare the results. Conversely, if you want to decrease the DOF, increase the aperture size.

the Hun

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Depth of field is controlled by apature... opening the apature (smaller f-stop) decreases depth of field... which can result in "fuzzy" backgrounds, a feature called "bokey". Most point and shoot cameras produce large depth of field which means everything in the picture is in focus.

To get the desired result, you'll have to open the apature and have the subject stand well away from the background. It might not work very well with a point and shoot camera/lens combination.

In some cases, using a very fast lens with a DSLR (or film SLR), it's difficult to the whole face of a subject in focus (nose in focus, eyes not). In these cases, the depth of field can be very shallow... just inches.
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