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agiaccio Sep 15, 2003 7:07 AM

dSLR Dilemma - HELP ?????????????
I am relatively new to digicams and digital photography and would consider myself as a serious amateur film photographer. I've owned the Nikon N80 (F80 in Canada) for a bout 1.5 years now, which I love and use extensively. I am looking at getting serious about digital photography. I have 2 children (5 and 9) and take lots of family pics of which 25% are is low-light conditions. I am looking for a dSLR that will give accurate color, detail, realistic skin tones and most be able to handle the low-light conditions. I have tried several digicams (Nikon 990, Nikon 5000, Canon S230, Olympus C-5050Z). The most impressive so far was the C-5050Z which always provided exceptional 8x10" prints from my Canon i950 without any post-production processing. I did also buy Photoshop Elements, but I never have enough time to learn or use the application (due to work, children, night studies, etc...). My only regret with the C-5050Z was the limitation of the built-in lens (wide angle and telephoto) as well as the limited options of add-on lenses. This is why I am now looking at dSLRs (inter-changeable lenses). With my Nikon N80, I only own 1 Nikon lens and the Nikon SB-28 speedlight. Since I do not a have a big investment in Nikon lenses (and only own the SB-28 speedlight), besides the Nikon D100 or Fuji S2 Pro I would also considering either the Canon EOS-300D (Digital Rebel) or the Canon EOS-10D. With a limited budget of $2500 (Canadian) I can get the Canon EOS-300D kit, Canon 420EX flash and a second Canon EF lens. But if I look at the other dSLRs mentioned above, I would have to add an additional $700 (Canadian) to get just the camera bodies (no lenses nor external flash). Therefore, the 300D looks like it will give me the most BANG for the BUCK. Any suggestions? Am I making the right decision, or should I hold out? HELP (this is a big financial investment for a newbie digital photographer) ???????

eric s Sep 15, 2003 8:46 AM

Why do you discount the D100 or S2? Are you happy with that lens and flash you have? The D100 is a very capable camera (as is the S2, I just haven't used to to say from personal experience.) The general opinion around here is that all three cameras are capable (D100, S2, 10D) and if you already have an investment in equipment then stick with that brand. It will cost you even more to switch.

I believe (but I don't know) that that flash will work with it. The kicker will be if it does D-TTL (which the D100 only supports... not TTL.) Clearly, that lens should work.

If you are willing to take the hit and sell the Nikon gear, then the 10D or 300D should do very well. I'm biased towards the 10D because:
1) I own it. I like it. So I recommend it.
2) I don't like some of the limitations they put on the 300D. Its interface would really annoy me (for example, they removed a wheel, so you have to press a button to toggle if the wheel does aperture or shutter speed. Try doing that when time matters!) They also limited things like buffer depth (the 10D can take 9 pictures before being locked out until a picture is written. The 300D is... 4, I think.) They made changes to reduce cost and to not cut into sales of the 10D (too much.)

If you really can't spend the money and/or can't wait to save up the extra $$, then please look very seriously at the interface and usability of the 300D. To me, the 10D is just a better camera in many small ways. But if you can deal with the limitations, I bet the 300D will do just fine. To me, I would grow to hate it.


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