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Thanks for clearing it up further for me. Much appreciated!

Now onto other things...
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Here's a good calculator you can download that can show you the field of view you'd get with a given focal length for a lot of different sensor/film sizes (with model names for many of the popular cameras).

Watch what happens to the field of view you have if you pick a larger than 35mm film or sensor size, too. You'll have a wider angle of view with the larger film or sensor size, just like you have a wider angle of view for a given focal length lens on a 35mm camera versus one with a smaller APS-C size sensor).


35mm cameras are very popular. So, focal length multipliers are used to help users understand what lenses they need for a DSLR with a smaller sensor.

Tamron has a calculator here where you can see the difference in Angle of View for a given focal length if you select 35mm film versus Digital (assuming an APS-C size sensor). Just click on 35 film or digital and you'll see it change for a given focal length.


What compounds the confusion is that you can use lenses made for 35mm cameras on DSLR models with a smaller sensor because the camera mounts are the same wtih some manufacturers. Hence, the term crop. Well, it's not a crop if the lens is designed for a given sensor size to begin with (like the Nikkor DX series lenses designed for APS-C size sensors).

But, you'll still have a narrower angle of view compared to the same focal length lens on a camera with a larger sensor. It's just that the DX series lens can be made smaller for a given focal length, because the image circle doesn't need to be as large.

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