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Default Editing Software

Heres a question I bet you havn't seen before.... just kidding.

what is a good editing software for amateurs? something I do want is a noise reducer. The program I have now came with my camera and its as outdated. Extremely slow too witch bugs me too.

Oh and off topic a little bit, does anyone know about apples plans with the iPad and being able to view pictures straight from a camera? I would really like to have something that can display pictures with thats quick and doesn't require a computer. I want to be able to see my shots so I can tell If I need to change anything and be able to do that on the spot. My canon's screen just isn't cutting it...
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Nah... We've never had a question about image editors before. ;-)

We actually have a dedicated forum setup for Image Editors here:

Editors (Photoshop, etc.)

So, you may want to browse through some of the topics. For example I see a "what software" thread that's not too old that discusses some of the free editors around. Examples of free products would include the Gimp, Picasa, and Photoscape.

Adobe's Photoshop Elements is popular in a commercial product for basic editing functions.

For noise reduction, there are a few dedicated products around. For example, Neat Image and Noise Ninja are popular choices (and they have stand alone community or trial versions that don't expire you can use; although they both strip out the EXIF if you use their free versions).

As for your iPad question, it looks like they have a Camera connection kit for it now. But, I don't keep up with it, and I'm not familiar with the software available for the iPad. Here's the kit they have available:

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Noise Ninja is what I use and it works for me. I also use Microsoft Picture Manager and Adobe Photo Shop Elements 7.0.

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I didn't get along with Noise Ninja, much prefer the quality of Topaz Lab's Denoise. However, it's pretty slow so it doesn't sound like the program for you.

I've heard good things of the noise reduction capabilities of the new version of Lightroom, Lightroom 3. The previous version (Lightroom 2) was lousy when it came to noise reduction, but really impressive otherwise and my primary editor for exposure, cropping, color changes. I'm seriously considering upgrading to LR3 for its noise reduction capability (I already have LR2). For a while I was using Lightroom 2 and Photoshop Elements, and that combination could do pretty much everything I normally want to do with a photo.
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I have used Photoimpact for quite a while, through different versions, and am pretty happy with it. It will do most anything Photoshop does, and some things it doesn't. There is a Quick Edit mode, with a very simple interface, if you are new to editing, and the Full mode has just about every feature you could ask for, at a price about the same as Photoshop Elements.

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thanks guys for the imput. It seems like a lot of people use Elements and I keep seeing lightroom pop up everywhere so I think I will just go after the newest version of Elements with lightroom and I will also try Denoise because noise ninja doesn't agree with my cameras shots. It has an excessive thendency of noisy pictures. Its just an outdated camera...
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