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BillDrew has a point and so has NHL; Once you have a heavy dslr camera, you will value a small camera as alternative. Starting to understand digital darkroom before deciding makes sense.

Maybe just download for sake of knowledge download the full sized portrets samples at image-resource. Open them in an image editor, look at the colors /sharpness and so on. Try if your graphic program allows some partly adjustment of colors/sharpness and so on.

And yes I have indeed a small camera (I obtained before the 10D). I love this Fuji loaded with manual options small enough to fit in a coat pocket.
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If you get the 300D get the starter lens with it. It is around 28-80mm f3.5> in 35mm equivalence. It makes a fairly compact package you can carry around. Ritz has the camera plus lens delivered for a grand. The larger sensor gives better images than the smaller prosumer CCDs. You can also blur the background better for portraits than with a prosumer – although not as well as with a 35mm.

If you are considering a prosumer camera I think the Minolta A1 is better suited to your needs than the 5700, although it is a little bulkier. Image stabilization lets you get by without a tripod except at night and the 28-200 mm zoom is versatile. It has a large buffer so you can store multiple raw shots in rapid succession and has a nice manual zoom control rather than a dinky electric switch. It also has more physical dials, switches, bezels, buttons etc than any other digital including DLSRs. So you can work better once you get the hang of the controls. It is a nice camera but it isn’t going to fit in your pocket.

You might also consider getting a pocket digital now and expanding later as your skill and knowledge gives you better ability to judge what you need. You will want the small camera anyway IMO. The first rule of a gunfight is to have a gun. With 35mm I got more photos with my little pocket Konica 28-70 camera than I did with my SLR gear and the trend has continued with digital. I much prefer to shoot with my larger camera, but I get more shots with the little one because I never leave home without it in its small belt pouch.

Two current ones I would consider if I were looking for a small camera are the Pentax 555 and the Minolta G500. They both have sufficient controls and features to make them versatile. The Pentax has a 5X zoom and the Minolta is quite compact. I also like some of the features on the Minolta F300 like the tracking focus if you have kids or take shots at parties or gatherings. My current small camera doesn’t have a tracking focus where the big one does, and it makes a big difference.
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