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Default Epson 1280 pink, pink, pink Pls Help

Where am I going wrong? I know this printer can do beautiful things but must I exhaust so much effort, ink and paper each time? Need your expertise if you've figured this out. I use windows 2000/XP, sometimes Adobe Elements & still too pink. I just downloaded updated drivers & PIM off Epson site and still just as pink as ever. Even my black and whites are purple and pink. I've tried profile after profile, I'll get one photo to profile print right and the next I'm back to square 1. I find people are especially difficult to get right. Skin tones are either too pink or I tone them down in a profile and they go blue-grey and flat. They look great on screen, off camera, thru scanner..it's just the printing part that goes wrong...very wrong. Very frustrated, looking forward to your suggestions. Tx
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Sorry to ask the obvious: you have cleaned the print nozzles? If b/w pix are coming out pink, you may have a dud ink cartridge: have you tried changing it?

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Default Epson 1280 Pink's gone, Pics are perfect!

First, thank you for trying to help. I just discovered this forum and am so glad there's someone willing to take a minute to help. I think I'm figuring out what is going wrong. My PC came bundled with ArcSoft, never used it til last nite--have had the printer for over a year. Surprise, surprise, when I used the ArcSoft my pictures are printing perfectly on every type of paper I thow at it. Skin tones are great, black & whites are blk & wht (& grey ), my blue's aren't purple... I knew I loved this printer! All I can figure is somehow ArcSoft is overriding or interferring with my Elements print or color controls. Not sure what's happening there. I'll either need to remove ArcSoft or figure out how to turn off whatever is happening in the background that's affecting my Elements printing. I suppose I could do what I need to in Elements and just always print in ArcSoft... Any suggestions on what's happening?
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