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Default external mic for point and shoot

hi all i am rather new to photography
i recently got a lumix lx5 and really happy with it
but it has no mic jack

to improve the audio quality i was thinking of possible solutions and just would like any suggestions or help on what i feel might be a good solution for improving audio quality when shooting video on my lx5

well i am thinking of buying a small affordable shotgun mic and mount it on my hotshoe of the lx5
then plug the other end to my cell phone and record the audio that way
i am going to be using a android phone with a recording app that i have yet to choose because i am testing a few out
then after recording the video on my lx5 and recording the audio via my android phone w/shotgun mic i will then sync up the audio and video on my computer.

well thats all i have thought up of. i know if might be a bit much but i really am trying to record as much of my nieces baby/toddler years on video

i am open to any suggestions on a specific shotgun mic or other type of mic
i am also looking for a mic under $100 if possible i dont want a massive mic on my small lx5 either lol
i have seen a few shotgun mics that are a pretty decent small size

thx for reading and hope for plenty of replies
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I don't know whether you've actually done this before or not, but if not let me warn you that it's a lot more hassle than you might think. Co-ordinating sound with separate video has two quite unpleasant aspects.

First, you need to find a good "time 0," where you can start both the video and the sound together. Otherwise, a person's lips will be moving when there is no sound and vice versa, and you'll end up creating the kind of mess that was parodied in "Singing in the Rain."

Second, when you record separately from the video, the audio will be controlled by a different clock than will the video. As the saying goes, "A man with two watches never knows what time it is." If you have managed to start out with audio and video in synch, over time they will drift out of synch because of the difference in clocks.

Both of these issues are addressable, but they are a pain. You might start the video with a visible and audible clap that can serve as time 0, for example. Then, you need to use a non-linear editing program to co-ordinate the audio and video over time. If possible, you want to have a sharp clap at the end of recording to allow you to align the timelines of audio and video at both ends.

I hope you get the idea that this is a much bigger pain than just buying a camera that accepts an external mic in the first place. You are jumpng through hoops to cover for a tool that is not up to the job you have set yourself. The right answer to such problems is always, "Get a different tool!"
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