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Default a few newbie questions re digicams

1. Megapixels
Most of my printing will not go beyond 5x7. Is there any reason to go beyond 2+ MP? Much of my use will be web posts, also.

2. Printing on photopaper
Is it possible to print from digicams to photo paper? How? How will the quality compare with 35mm prints in the same size?

3. Indoor shots
I've seen various review sites show examples of indoor shots, with and without flash. The ones with flash seem to look worse. Why? How can one shoot indoors w/o flash unless it's with great ambient light?

4. Recommendations
I'm interested in a digicam comparable to my point-and-shoot film camera (a Pentax Espio 928), both in quality and what I can do with it. I shoot primarily "family photos" indoors and "family vacation" shots outdoors. Nothing fancy. My wife requires good ease of use.

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one answer..........Minolta S414.
you don't need 4MP's to print 5x7, but you did say 35mm quality.
with the 414, you can print directly from an Epson that has a card slot.
will the results look like film?
yes and no, but more so yes with a 4MP camera like the S414.
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MP: A 2MP camera will do just fine on prints no larger than 5x7. Mine is much more sufficient than I would ever need for web posting (who wants to see a 1600x1200 image on the web?).

Photopaper: I regularly print on Kodak photo paper with my Epson C80 printer with excellent results. For the most permanent prints, there's some great dye sublimation printers out there that can print on 4x6 paper directly from the memory card used in your camera. Finally, you can take your card full of pictures into Wal-Mart and print them yourself onto photo paper at the kiosk (some Wal-Marts can do 1-hour photo from cards, CD or virtually any media in any size you like).

Indoor shots poorer WITH flash: You'll have to be a little more specific here. All the cameras I have used generally look much better WITH flash indoors.

Recommendations? I can tell you my personal preferences, but it's really up to you to decide what is best for you! Nearly everybody's response is going to be: MY CAMERA. And, their next recommendation is: ANY CAMERA MADE BY THE MANUFACTURER OF MY CAMERA. Without very specific input on what you like and dislike, it's a hard task you have unwittingly put us to.

If you have the time and patience, go try out a few that you like, and see what works best for you. When you have narrowed it down to a few, use the sample pics on Steve's review to see which one takes the best pics.

Or, you could just buy an Olympus C-2100 (SLR-type) or a D550 (point and shoot) !
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